Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday and Pre-Easter Fun...

Well, first things first... Happy Birthday to my wonderful hubby. It was on the 12th, I just hadn't had time to blog about it yet. :) April 7-11, I flew him out to Fort Worth, Texas, to see one of his bestest. Brian and Vicki moved there I guess a year and a half ago and David has been dying to go there and see them and I knew it was a trip he probably wouldn't plan, so I just did it. He was so surprised and so excited! He flew out on Thursday night. Brian and Vicki picked him up from the airport and then they went to dinner. Friday, he took Brian to work and to tour his office and then he drove a couple hours to visit some cousins he hadn't seen in about 12 years. He said he had a great time and it was so neat to see them. Then he headed back to pick Brian up and they went to the Nascar Race. He said they got to sit in the Dickies box (where Brian works) and got the star treatment. He loved it! Then Saturday they went to a Crawfish Boil, which is his favorite! Sunday, they went to church and then hung out which he said he loved cause he and Brian caught up and had a jamming session evidently. :) Then Monday morning they headed back to the airport. Brian was flying out to Orlando, so they went together. He said it was one of the best vacations ever! I was so happy that he got to go and Thank Brian and Vicki for all they did! I know it was something he will never forget. :) Meanwhile at the house, I just had 2 teeth pulled so me and the boys were laying low. It went fine though. We had a good time, but missed him.

He brought back boots for Ty. He wasn't sure about them at first, but then LOVED them and kept telling David, "Dad, I'm so glad you got these for me.. Thank you!" It was precious!

He also got Ty and Tuck a horse and a cow that rolls around, it's pretty funny. :)

Tuesday (his actual bday) we went to Candace and Bryan's and had a cook-out which is always fun. Ty enjoyed blowing out the candle. :) We are so blessed to have a such a wonderful husband, daddy, and friend. He truly is a one-of-a-kind guy! He has a heart of gold and everyone that meets him knows that! We are so thankful that God chose him for us! :) Happy 27th Birthday Baby! Well, then I guess that takes us to this past weekend. Really most of the weekend was pretty laid back, but Sunday was crazy, fun, but busy! Saturday night we went to a couples baby shower for Ellen and Chris. Sunday we were up for church and then after that, we had a Easter egg hunt for the kids. David planned it and had about 800 eggs. It was awesome and I think all the families really enjoyed it. We had subs and pizza while some people hid the eggs. Then the Easter bunny showed up and then all the kids got to find the eggs. He had a section for 0-3, and then from 4 up. Ty loved running to get the eggs. He saw us stuff them all so knew there was lots of candy in them. :) Tucker took a short nap while this was going on, so Ty sat with the bunny. Once Tucker got up, he joined Ty and got a picture too! Although he completely miss the hunt. Afterwards, I took the boys home for about an hr so Tucker could finish his nap. Around 2 we woke him up to head to the Winston-Salem Dash game. It was a beautiful game and I had my camera, but didn't take any pictures! :( They had a kids zone thing and Tyler actually went in and jumped in the blow up thing and also rode the elephant on the carousel! I was so excited because he's usually pretty timid about those things. One lady was laughing at me because I'm sure I sounded ridiculous talking to him about how awesome he was and how proud I was of him... It was quite dramatic! :) So, then we left the ball game a little early and Ty was asleep 5 minutes down the road. So I left them both sleep for about 1 1/2 hours and then woke them up to take them to the park where they were having the youth devo. We really did have an awesome day! By 10:00 I was about to pass out, but we had lots of fun and slept very well! :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Just life...

Well, not much has been going on for the past couple of weeks. Tucker got sick and stayed that way for a little over a week. He had some kind of stomach issues that had him out of sorts, but we're still not sure what it was because no one else got it... Seems weird to me, but I guess that's just what kids do. So, I'll take the blessing. But I was constantly washing all the toys he touched when he went down for his nap. So my table often looked like this. :) Tyler and I dyed easter eggs. He was so excited and actually did really well. Later that day when they had dried he and daddy colored on them. He's constantly wanting to play with them, they are on the mantle for now, but I'm thinking soon they will be in the trash before they start stinking up the house! :) Once again, Tyler is loving tatoos right now and of course David is eating it up, so the other night after we washed the old ones off, David went to town on him... Oh my. We must stop before he thinks he's "suppose" to have them. :) Tucker is finally better. He did get another tooth on the bottom so I will try to get a good pic of that soon. He's into everything and constantly on the go. He is a very sweet and quiet baby, but I'm afraid he's filled with mischief. :) Finally yesterday we had a gorgeous day! Tucker and I went to play outside while Tyler was taking a nap. Tuck kept doing the upward dog... He was just a laughing, it was precious. He loves being outside and I love that! He didn't really venture off the blanket, but I was happy about that. :) Last night we had "Make 'em Smile" with the teens, so we went to a nursing home and passed out stuffed animals. The residents loved it and I loved watching Tyler interact with them. One of our kids dressed up as the easter bunny. I'm mad I didn't take any pictures. Ty was excited about him, but nervous too! He knew it was Bailey under there, but still wasn't quite sure. :) But later we got home and he put some pj pants on his head and I was like Ty, you look like the easter bunny and he said no mom, I'm a pirate... So there you go. Not sure why he thought he looked like a pirate, but he did! :) One more thing that is funny to me, Tyler is not a good eater unless it's junk food. One thing that he will mostly eat is chicken nuggets, but he only eats the heads. It's so funny. No many how many I give him he will just eat the heads off and that's it. We have started making him eat the tails too and then last night David talked him into eating all the spikes. So, we'll see maybe we're getting somewhere. So, that's all I have, see why I hadn't updated yet... :) Tomorrow I have to have a tooth pulled... OH MY. Say a prayer for me. Not looking forward to that. I'll be back asap when I have some more to chat about! :)