Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day and Lately...

Lately we have just been going, going, and growing. Tyler is getting so big and acting more and more like a "big boy". He LOVES the water and will stay in it a good hour or 2 (the pool that is), no I don't let him stay in the bath that long. ;) These videos are of bath time.He loves getting his face wet. He'll even stick is face straight in the bottom of the tub and then get real excited and try to climb out of the tub, it's the funniest thing!!And here are just some random shots I've been taking since I last posted. I had to take a couple last shots while he is still "toothless". We have a tooth about to come in!! But I'll believe it when it's all the way through. You can definitely feel it and when he lets you, you can see it too. So, here's one of his last "gummy" shots. ;) I'm going to miss these days.. Not so much the fussiness, but I have a feeling that's not going to end anytime soon. ;) He's almost got bye bye down (when he wants to) and we are now working on kisses. He gives good mommy kisses... which just melts my heart!
This picture is of some car mits that daddy bought to make puppets out of for Ty. I guess he (David) got bored one day and decided to see what Ty would look like if he was a duck of some sort. ;) He loves those little mits. They are so soft, so after play time David sat in the chair with Ty and was rubbing his face with them, and sure enough he fell straight asleep. It was hilarious. I'm still wondering if Tyler was just extremely tired, or if it was the lack of oxygen. ;)
Moving on now to Father's Day. Tyler and I have been working on David's gifts for a while because I wanted to make him a few things to make it extra special. ;) We had a great day. We woke daddy up with gifts and singing. He never really likes when I make him breakfast in bed because he's not really a morning person and really doesn' t want to just wake up and eat, so we skipped that. :) David opened his gifts while Tyler really just watched him and played with his phone. It was just fun all being together. Then off to church. After church we went over to the Trinh's and made crab legs and all the fixins. It was delish!!! Got home about 3:30 and Ty went straight down for his nap. David just relaxed and watched a movie and I made deviled eggs and homeade peach cobbler for our fellowship at church. Got done in the kitchen and realized it was 5:30!! Man, I didn' t even get to sit down before it was church time again. Oh well... So back to church and then had a going away fellowship to a couple friend that is moving to Tallahassee to work at FSU, Gavin and Jacqueline Roark. It was fun. We (Brian C.) took a few pictures of us since we "happened" to all be wearing green. **Secret** David really loves for all of us to match which I think is super cute. ;) So anyway, we actually got a couple of cute ones. Then we went to Donatos with Brian and Austin to complete our night. It was a good day besides the fact that Tyler decided that the tub was much like the toliet and gave Daddy and super special surprise to clean up mid-bath... It was fun let me tell you, or better yet, let David tell you! ;) I wonder why they don't have a slot in his baby book for that first!?! :) So all in all it was a wonderful day for a wonderful Man!! I am so thankful that God put such a wonderful, loving, christian man in my life to be the father of my children among MANY other things!! We love you so much and are so thankful for you!!!
Also a huge Happy Father's Day to my daddy!! I love him so much and am so thankful to him for the many things that he did and does for me!! He is also a wonderful, loving, christian man and honestly I married a man ALOT like him! Lucky me! I love you daddy and am so thankful for you!!!
Also to the Grand-DADs and many other dads in my life, I love you all and am so grateful that God blessed me with so many wonderful men in my life. Thank you for the example you set and for taking care of us like you do! I can't wait for Tyler to truly understand how wonderfully blessed he is with so many wonderful people in his life!! Thank you to all of you dads!! I love you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The 9 month stats are in...

So we went yesterday for Ty's 9 month wellness visit. I have mixed feelings about going to the doctor when we are well. For one I love going because I get to see how much he has grown and ask questions that are probably completely dumb to the doctor, but on the other hand, I hate to go and risk the chance of catching something in the waiting room and in the individual doctor room cause goodness knows my child is NOT going to sit still in my lap for an hour and not touch anything. But oh well, I guess we have to take our chances. Tyler was in a great mood, which always makes for a better appointment cause he enjoys doing his "tricks" and showing off which always impresses the doctors, so it kind of gives us a boost of confidence too knowing we are doing what we should be. ;) She did tell us that we need to change our nightly routine to put him in the bed when he is tired but awake and let him fall asleep on his own. It usually goes, bath, books, bottle (while rocking), and he falls straight asleep while drinking the bottle. So last night I mixed it up like she said, bottle, bath, books, and then put him in the bed... NOT he wasn't too thrilled about that, but I did leave him in there for about 8 minutes, crying the whole time, not screaming or it would have been 4, but just crying and a sad cry. So I went back up there gave him a 3 oz bottle and laid him back in bed, sat straight up again. Let him cry for 14 minutes, and then went back up and gave him another 3 oz and was knocked out. He was still asleep when I left for work at 7:30. So maybe all the extra crying and extra milk kept him asleep for longer, who knows. I also started the routine at 8:30, which I usually don't start till around 9, but after it all, it was the usual time I put him in bed after all the up and downs, so who knows. Any suggestions are welcomed. ;)
But the dr said he looks great and was impressed. So that was good. He did have his little finger pricked to test his iron, but I left before that because I had to get back to work (really I just can't stand to see him in pain) so daddy always does the "hard" part. Love that man!
Head: 18 1/4" (80%)
Height: 29 1/4" (82%)
Weight: 21.0lb (63%)
So I'm thinking my car seat goes up to 22lbs, so it's now time to change them out. I think I will change them out this week cause I'm thinking he will like it being able to sit up more instead of laying back... We'll see. ;)
Sorry no pictures this post. Boot camp is still going great. I'm so glad we started it cause it really does make me feel better all day the only thing I've noticed is that it makes the week feel like a month!! The past 2 weeks have crawled by!! But really looking forward to my vacation in a couple of weeks!! Florida and then to Ohio, it can't come soon enough~
Oh and one more update. I've been dealing with knee pain for forever, so I finally scheduled an appt with a specialist last week and he said my left knee has a torn meniscus, so I am scheduled for surgery on July 29th to get that repaired. It should only be a scope and an outpatient thing. So I really don't think it's a big deal. I'll be out of work for a couple of days, but should still be able to walk to do all that stuff, it's just a matter of doing it. So we'll see. Sorry for the boringness of this one. Just wanted to stay current. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let me begin by saying Happy 9 months to my precious little boy!!! I can't believe he is already 9 months time really does fly by. He's an amazing kid and continues to amaze us everyday with his new "findings" and tricks. He loves to copy us now, and most of the time really thinks what he is saying is coming out in words and that we should understand it. That is what the video is about.
David is saying silly things and Tyler is basically repeating what he is saying. He'll do that for the longest time! We go to the doctor Tuesday for his 9 month appt, so until then I'm not sure how much he weighs and his height, but I'll be sure to post after that visit. He is into everything and loves to be on the move. We got a new sectional couch (compliments from Sarah and Byron, yay for small Uhauls ;) ) and Tyler loves holding on to that and the ottoman thing and basically runs through them, its hilarious. I'll have to video that. But seriously, he's growing up way to fast and I'm trying my best to savor all the little moments that I get to spend with him. Sleeping is still not really consistent. He sleeps all through the night for about 3-4 nights and then he decides that he really doesn't want to do that, I guess he misses me cause about 3:00 or 4:00 am he will be sitting in his crib calling for "MA-MA...MA-MA...MA-MA" It's the sweetest thing.. How can I resist. MOST (not all, but most of the time) when I have to get up at night to get him I think about that song.. "It won't be like this for long..." Then I kiss his precious forehead and give him his bottle. ;) So all in all he's a very healthy 9 month old just truckin along... Still with no teeth of course, but lots of slobber hince the shirt. ;)

On Another note... Thursday David got a call from a guy in high school that bought this precious black lab puppy (8 weeks old) for his girlfriend for a surprise... Needless to say, her parents wouldn't let her have it and his wouldn't either since he will be leaving for college in a couple of months, so you guessed it... We received the puppy. I was very apprehensive about it because I honestly didn't want to throw another dog in the mix. But David promised me that he would take care of her and convinced me that it would be a good thing because Kylie needed a friend... To which I agreed... So he went a picked her up Thursday night. This is when he just brought her home and Tyler saw her for the first time. So sweet.

Shortly after this when Tyler lost interest cause she was just laying there, Ty and I were playing in the floor and up walks "Bailey" towards us, Tyler screamed bloody murder and I will have to admit it was kind of scarey. Cause she looked like a little stuffed animal laying there so still and quite and then she came alive and was walking straight towards us and all you could see was the whites of her eyes. It was crazy how much it truly frightened Tyler. So anyway, David picked her up and took her to the garage. Come to find out later that night she had worms. The highschooler...Bob... got her from some breeder off Craigs List and the breeder said that she had had her dewormed... So we figured no big deal we would take her to the vet the next day and figure it all out. So Friday, she was acting better and we didn't really see any worms, but David got the worm medicine and hoped it would clear it all up. Keep in mind we were keeping her totally in a blocked off area in the garage just in case, cause the thought of having that in my house, totally freaked me out. So Saturday morning she woke up and was gaging just spitting up everywhere and we knew the worms were still there. So David took her straight to the vet. They determined there she had 3 kind of worms and there was a possibility she had parvo... WHAT??? We were devastated for her because you could tell she was in really bad pain and it was so hard to see a puppy like that. So David had her in quarantine, literally. I didn't go out there cause I could stand to see her suffer and selfishly didn't want to get attached. David spent at least 10 hours a day with her cleaning up her "mess" sanitizing everything constantly, giving her IV's, all her other meds, and also trying to give her pedilyte and baby food (recommended by our awesome friend and Vet. Karen). So many hours were put into that precious little girl. Sunday, she seemed to be doing better, but David was constantly having to nurse her to help her get better. Monday, he went back to the vet got more meds, went to the store and got some more supplies to help her feel comfy and relaxed, went into the garage to give it all to her and she had passed away... I was upstairs getting some stuff done and David came up there just white in the face. I felt incredibly sorry for him and heartbroken. He put so much into this little puppy and cared so good for her and then she just couldn't make it. So he had to wrap her up and take her to the vet (since we can't bury within the city limits) and then he had to come back and sanitize the whole entire garage which took about 9 hours all together. It was such a hard day for him. She was such a sweet precious little puppy!! Then, the next day he had to take Kylie to the vet to make sure all her shots were up to date and give her boosters for everything... So that was an expensive and sad little experience. Sorry I just had to share that. I know it was a bit much, but I needed to document it. David has such a tender heart and is such a good man!! We love you baby and are thankful for all you do!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Boot Camp...

Today starts day one of boot camp. I have seen the sign for a while and just never called to get the details, but I finally did. It's a boot camp at Calvary Church, just right up the road. They meet Mon, Wed, Fri morning from 5:25-6:30 for 8 weeks. They started on May 25, so we are 2 weeks behind, but many of the people there have been going for years and honestly I think we held our own! My good and faithful friends, Bekah and Barbara decided to take the challenge also and I'm glad they did. It's so much more fun, for everyone, with friends to laugh at, I mean with. The only thing they didn't tell us is that the grass would be super wet and nasty and yes we did bring a towel, but the instructor didn't tell us when to get it and we would have definitely looked like dorks running to get our towels, so we all three ended up being the wet t-shirt contest winners!!! Yay for us! At least we finished first in something today! ;) Honestly it was a great work-out and started the day off right even with a 5 minute devotional at the end. ;) So home and showered before 7, which normally means I would be rolling out of bed, so I"m pretty impressed. ;) Lets just hope and pray that my knee stays intact for this whole ordeal! ;) So Press on girls we're in this for the long haul!!! ;)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

So, I'm way far behind on blogging and I'm so sorry for that. Alot of things have gone on in the past couple of weeks and I'll try to mention most of them... So here goes. I guess the vidoes come first. They were taking at the Chunn's house while David and Brian were making slideshows. In the first one
Austin is playing the guitar and David is "helping" Ty strum the guitar. Notice how in the middle Tyler starts singing. It's hilarious and oh so serious. ;)
The second video is Tyler doing what he does best, moving like crazy and spitting. He really is into spitting these days and is quite good at it. He loves copying people when they do it. You can get him to copy pretty much anything you do now. He's a smart little booger!
Next would be on Wednesday, May 19, Tyler came home from church with a 102 fever. I gave him a lukewarm bath and put him in the bed. Needless to say we were up pretty much the whole night with him. He wasn't screaming crying, he just needed to be held. I was giving him motrin and tylenol and the fever would go down but never totally break. So I took him in to the dr. Thursday morning and of course she couldn't really find anything except that his throat was a little red. So we went back home to try to rest. He didn't want to eat or drink anything. I think he had a total of 3oz the whole day. Nurse said he was fine unless his got over 105 and he wasn't having wet diapers. So we had about 4 baths that day. Cause it seemed to make him happy. Thursday night was better but was still running fever and it got up to 103. Still not drinking anything, pedilyte, water, milk, juice...Nothing! I felt so bad for him. Anyway, he was a trooper and would just rest and be as happy as he could. I had Sarah Yocum (my friend from Winston)'s lingere shower at my house Friday afternoon. I didn't take any pictures for some reason. ;( But it was fun and she got lots of good stuff. It was fun just all being together. Friday night we had Sarah and Byron's rehearsal dinner. It was at the Branch's farm and boy was it beautiful. The weather was gorgeous and it was just perfect. Ty didn't have a fever the whole day, Friday, so we decided it was ok to take him since we were outside anyway. Jennie got some really cute shots of him playing on the fence. Then that night I was talking to a friend and she said that they found out that day that they had strep, so I thought... Maybe that is what Ty has.. So Saturday morning to the doctor. Strep was negetive, but she did say his throat was red with ulcers on it, so that was why he wasn't drinking, cause Friday he had about 3 oz again. I was starting to worry that he was going to be dehydrated, but thankfully he wasn't. So after the dr. he seemed to be better, not great or normal, but better. I was an attendant in the wedding and David was helping with the sound stuff, so our wonderful babysitter offered to keep Ty so we could enjoy the wedding and then we would just meet up at the reception. Worked out perfect and was such a blessing to us and Ty cause he got a good 3 hour nap in!! The wedding was gorgeous (of course made beautiful mostly by the bride!) it was outside at Reynolda Gardens and thanks to God it didn't rain. It held out till the next day and has been raining ever since, but thankfully Saturday, May 23rd was perfect. It was so fun to be part of such a special day. They went to Canada for their honeymoon and then to Texas where Byron will start his 7 year residency program.
This past Sunday was Senior Sunday and for some reason I have no pictures of that either. David got to talk Sunday morning and I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. He is so heartfelt on everything that he does, it was just perfect. He and Brian did slideshows for all 8 seniors and after church we had a luncheon and got to watch them. It was a ver emotional morning cause it's so hard to see these kids leave. I'll try to post of pic of them soon! If that wasn't enough, Sunday night was Sarah and Byron's going away fellowship. They had just gotten back from their honeymoon and were packing up to leave for Texas for the next 7 or 8 years!! Sarah has been one of my best friends here and Winston and it was/is so hard to see her go. It was a pretty emotional night also!! I'm going to miss all of them! I know God puts people in your life at certain points and I'm so glad that he blessed us with a great group of Seniors and best friends in Sarah and Byron! We love you all and are going to miss you beyond measure!! ;)
So.... we have been attending back to back graduations and parties and they still continue into this weekend. It's been fun and rewarding! Saturday Ty and I did get to go to the pool (at Darla, his babysitter's house). It was so fun and Tyler LOVED it!!! He's definitely my water baby, thank goodness cause David and I both love the water too!
Then these other pictures are just of Ty doing his thing. He got new converse shoes from Kelsey and he finally grew into them, so I think these pics are showing those off. Hope you enjoy!! ;)

Ty normally doesn't care much about TV, unless its Alvin and the Chipmunks, but this day he did, I forgot what show it was, something on Noggin, I thought it was so cute!! :) Excuse the mess I have a 8 month old! :)