Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Doctor...

Today was Tyler's 6 month check-up at the doctor. He did a great job and showed all his new tricks. He even showed Dr. Bell how tough he was when we head banged the mirror. He is so close to crawling and really wanting to go. So usually when he sits, he almost always lunges forward to his hands and knees instead of just sitting there. So, that's what he did. The only problem was that there was a mirror in front of him, so a big red mark on his forehead is what he got, and he just starred at the mirror like, "who in the world just hit me...". It was quite funny.

Dr. Bell said he looked great and was right on track. Here is his stats:
Weight: 17lbs 15oz (60%)
Height: 27" (74%)
Head: 17 3/4" (82%)

Thank goodness daddy was able to be there, because I'm just not that tough when it comes to shots, so daddy took that duty (as always). ;) I've really got to get better. He did good but did cry like I've never heard him do before, of course only for about 20 seconds, then he was good. Mrs. Darla came and picked him back up and took him back to her house, so hopefully he's been doing good.

Of course while we were there we did another photo session. It's just fun in the doctor's office for some reason and the fact that it takes forever for the nurse to come back in for the shots.
So here are a few from today!
I'll blog soon about my trip to B'ham and my newly updated kitchen!! ;)

Hope everyone is wearing their green...Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Happy 1/2 Birthday to Tyler!!! I can't believe he is already 6 months old! A week in a half ago he weighed 17lb 9oz. We go to the doctor on Tuesday for his 6 month appointment and shots... BOO! To prove to us that he was a big boy he slept from 9:30 to 7:30 last night!! He's a great baby and we are so blessed to have him! I still can't believe I'm a mom! It's the greatest thing in the world. Mommy and Daddy love you little man!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I've learned....

Never leave your husband and son in Sam's club while you run to Target... While I was on my way back to pick them up this is what I saw walking down the street. Now, I'm not a huge fan of stuffed animals, but David just can't resist and he said that Tyler was begging for it, so he had to get it. I'm not going to lie... it's pretty cute and Ty does love it, but begging for it?? Here are some precious pics of him playing with it last night in the floor. It was so cute. He was just a giggling. ;)

The weather has turned GORGEOUS!!!! It was about 74 the whole weekend and just amazing! I definitely have more pep in my step today!! And it feels great! I hear we will still get some cooler weather before the warmth is here to stay, but for now, I'm loving it! Here is Tyler the first time he rode in his jogging stroller. He seemed to like it. Didn't really make a peep the whole hour we were gone! ;)

This weekend was kind of laid back, so that was nice. Friday night (3/6), David, Tyler, and I went to a seafood place in Mocksville for snow crab legs and boy were they good! We hadn't had any for a while now, so they definitely hit the spot. Then we went home and just relaxed as a family. It was fun.
This is how I found Tyler in the morning... On his back... Which means, he rolled over!! He hasn't really done that yet on his own. I know he is very much strong enough, but doesn't quite have the coordination down yet, because every time he rolls up on his side he sticks his arm out and it serves as a kickstand and won't let him roll all the way over. I'm pretty sure he's going to crawl before he really gets the concept. ;)

Saturday morning, Ty and I did some running around and then we and picked up David to do some more. It was nice being out and about since it was so nice outside. Then we went home, David got to do some work outside and then we headed to the soccer party. I mean, not much of a party but it was fun to be there for free food and fun with the Trinhs (which is always a favorite!). Then we headed to Olive Garden to meet Bryan and Candace, some great friends of ours. Of course we had already eaten, so we just talked and had a good time with them while they ate. Then we all headed back to our house to talk about wedding music. ;) They are getting married in about a month and David and I are singing, so we had to get all that worked out. It was so fun to be with them and just had the best time together!
Then the clocks got pushed forward and we went to bed. Sunday morning came oh so fast, but wasn't too hard to adjust to knowing that the daylight would be here longer!! YAY! Went to church, then to eat, and then we went home for a couple of hours. Played in the sun and then Ty took a nap and we headed back up to church for Candace's shower. It was nice and they got lots of great things! Cleaned up and then went home. We were so tired and Ty was too! Sunday's are fun/tiring for him because he gets passed around like a rag doll. We love the fact that so many people love him, he's just exhausted by the end of the day. ;) And that concluded our "RELAXED" weekend! ;)

This weekend we are headed to Birmingham to see baby Jake and of course his parents and more best friends ;) !! We're so excited, but also sad because David doesn't get to go ;(

The other night I had to go to the store for something and when I got back, they (David and Ty) were in his room having a puppet show. It was the cutest thing ever. David is such an awesome daddy!! He always comes up with the neatest things! Ty loves you daddy and is so blessed to have a daddy like you!
Here are just some pictures of Tyler playing in his bed and around the house. He's such a sweet sweet boy!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Nana and the Snow day

So this weekend my mom came to visit. She was on a business trip and they happened to fly her from south Florida to Charlotte and then back home to Florida. Crazy how the airlines do it, but good for us because that gave her the idea that she could come here for a few days before heading back home. And that she did! We went to pick her up Saturday morning and then was going to go to IKEA, but no such luck. Traffic was terrible, it was raining and so we just decided to head back home. That trip really took all day, but didn't seem like it because I got to visit with mom all day, so that was really fun! So Sunday we got up went to church and then had a ministry fair. So we had soup and sandwiches. They cancelled church that night saying that there was bad weather coming. I had no idea until that point that we were even expected to get snow. So Sunday was spent watching Lifetime movies and just relaxing by the fire. It was nice.
About 8:00 that night the snow began. It was beautiful! We woke up Monday morning to 3-5" of snow!!! I was so pumped not only was mom there, but I didn't have to go to work. So I got to go play in the snow and build a snowman. It was lots of fun. Then we all went out and took pictures. I wish the timing was right, but not so much cause Tyler was tired and ready for a nap, but we were ready to take pictures. So we took a few and then I wanted some pic of him in the snow, so I sat him down and after a few seconds (notice the smiling picture as he is starting to lean), he did a face plant in the snow. It scared him and of course probably wasn't the best feeling. So he started crying. Mom took him inside to dry him off and then we took the last pics before mom put the whammy on him and David and I got to take Kylie for a walk.
I'm pretty sure it chapped his face because the rest of the day it was red and splotchy, I felt SO bad!!
Later that day we went to Target to get a few things and then all met and went to Pancho Villa's (our new favorite Mexican) to eat. It was a great day. We got to skype with Grandma and Grandpa (David's mom) so that was a fun treat. And then proceeded to end our night with a terrible 3 hour saga of the bachelor. Of course we kind of knew this was coming because of a video on you tube I had seen, but to watch it made us furious. Anyway, that's all I will say about that because there's no need to waste more time on that! :)
So we are enjoying mom's last day till she has to go back tomorrow. But will be back in a few weeks, so that makes me really happy!!! Thanks mom for coming and doing all you did and so glad you got to see the snow, and us of course!!! Love you!!