Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cramers come to visit...

This past week Brenda and Mike came to visit! We love when they come to visit. They got here Monday night and Mike didn't even walk in the house before they started working on it. Mike came down to help David start the siding on our house. We decided a little while back to do this project. We have wood siding, but the woodpeckers and wood bees are destroying it so we decided it was time to vinyl side it. So off they went. :) Most of the time they were here it was rainy and cold. That didn't stop them from working. The boys mostly just stayed inside with grandma and played. One day it was nice so they got out and had a photo shoot. :) I can't believe how big they are getting! It just doesn't seem possible! Wednesday night (5/18) Tucker started really walking. He has taken steps here and there, but we were in Ty's room playing and he wanted some play food that Ty had and he walked almost across the whole room to get it. He still hasn't taken off just yet, but he's so close. I'll try to get the video uploaded if I can get my hands on it. :)
We spent the nights eating and just hanging out.
They got a lot done on the house. There is still a good ways to go, but they most of the really hard/annoying parts done, so that's good. Now, David just has to find the time to finish it. :)
Mike flew home on Wednesday night and Brenda stayed till Friday morning. We love that they are able to come and visit and so glad they enjoy to do that! :)
When we were looking through the pics, Ty saw the picture of Tucker with his tongue out so he decided he needed to take a picture like that too! Man I love these boys!!!
This last picture is Laney. David's sister Bekah (and her husband Brad)'s little girl. She's just so squeezable I had to include it. They didn't come down I just saw this pic and had to post it. :)
Will be back soon with pics of our little beach excursion. :) Man, I love summer!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The weekend...

Well, this past weekend, Tuck woke up with a high fever (103.2) so I took him to the doctor and they said he had Hand, Foot, & Mouth disease, which is a common virus in infants and children. He also had thrush... Not sure where in the world that came from? So anyway, he wasn't feeling great but was still his precious happy self. So we just stayed in most of the day Friday and Saturday and just hung at the house. I got some organizing done that I have been wanting to do and we got some good playing time in. :)
Tyler got a hair cut. David cut it and he actually didn't even cry, and that's a huge step! :) Tuck on the other hand desperately needs one... He will be going to the salon soon. He turned 11 months this past week, so only a few more weeks till he is ONE! I can't believe it!!
Saturday, David took Josh (a boy in our youth group) to the mountains, because he wanted to go. And so Saturday night the boys and I met Bryan, Candace, and her family at the K'ville Folly. It's like a carnival thing. Ty walked around looking at things and Tuck just rode in his stroller like an angel. Ty was of course spoiled and got a Diego blow up thing and cotton candy and then he sweet talked Candace into buying him a bubble gun, which is way cool! Tuck loves that too! :)
Sunday, was Mother's Day. I didn't get to go to church because HFM is contagious to children so I didn't want to risk getting anyone else sick, so we stayed home and David and Ty went. I was spoiled this Mother's Day. I have been wanting a radio or something to play music in the house. The boys love music and I often have the tv on just for back ground music. I got an Ipod touch and a docking station!! I was so excited. I have already used it tons and I know I will love it for years to come. :) We are enjoying playing the games too!
David and the boys also made me paver stones. They aren't quite done yet, but I'll show you a pick when they are! :) I am truly blessed and thankful everyday that God blessed me with 2 precious healthy boys!
I hated that we couldn't be with our moms on Mother's Day, but we get to see them both very soon! We love you both and are so thankful for you and all you mean to us! Thank you for loving us and bring us up in a christian home! Thank you for showing me how to be a loving mother and for all you do for us!!! We are blessed!!
And lastly, just a few pics that I have stored up that I need to post before I lose them. Just random things.
Ty fishing with Daddy at the Branch Farm.
Ty making his first fort in our living room.
Tucker's love for phones and remote controls, he can spot them from across the room.
Tuck sitting in the boys little rocking chair, man, he's getting big!
Ty loves helping daddy in the yard! I'm sure he's a BIG help! :)
I hope you have a great week and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter and Such..

Easter... Well, this year for Easter weekend we went to Searcy, Arkansas. We left Thursday morning and drove 13 hours... Fun Fun. Actually the boys did great and I was so proud of them, but we were super happy to finally arrive safe and sound. :) We went along with 3 other adults, 6 of the youth group boys, and our 2 boys. Once we got there, we checked the boys into the dorms at Harding and then headed to Brittany and Brad's house. It was so good to see them and be there with them. They have a precious house and Britt had it all set up with us complete with new pjs on the bed washed and ready for David and I! So sweet! They made Ty and Tuck Easter baskets which they broke into right when we arrived. :) Friday we got up and hung out at the house. Brad had to work and Britt had an exam. Afterwards we went to lunch and then headed to Harding to see the Chunns. Lindsey had a chorus concert thing so we went and listened to that. Afterwards we all went out to eat to celebrate Austin and Lindsey's engagement!! :)

We then went back to B & B's to hang out. Saturday we were lazy. Britt took Ty to the park and then we all went shopping at a flea market and hung out a bit before we left to go to Spring Sing. Britt and Ty also dyed easter eggs! :) B & B kept Tuck since it would be late when we got back. After the show we went to Lindsey's parents house for another celebration. One of Lindsey's aunts made the boys these cute sugar egg things. They each had a little scenery inside. One had a duck and one had a rabbit. That was so sweet of her. (We hadn't even met her before that day!) Then, Sunday we got up at 5 and headed home. It was a quick trip but was so glad to be able to do it! At first Tucker wasn't too sure of Brad but by the end of the weekend they were best buds. I'm just mad we didn't take more pics!!

We made it home in good timing and went straight to bed! :)

The next weekend I got to go to Highlands, NC with some of my friends from here. Actually, 2 of the girls (Karen and Mandy) have already moved, but they came back to go with us. We rented a house there and really just relaxed most of the weekend. It was beautiful there. We slept in, watched the royal wedding, ate a ton of yummy food, got in the hot tub everyday, went shopping, hiked the waterfalls, and just enjoyed each others company. It was a much needed break and I'm so thankful it worked out for me to go. Thanks to David for keep the boys and surviving. I think he had a little help from his sweet sister. :) Friday night their grandparents were traveling through so they got to go to dinner with them. I hate I missed it, but so thankful that they were able to see the boys. From the sound of it, it was quite an eventful dinner, the boys thought it would be fun to add a little chaos to the mix. :)

We had a great couple of weekends and are so very blessed to be able to go and do like we do. :) Hope everyone had a great Easter and got to spend it with their family (at least some of them!)