Thursday, February 25, 2010


So, now that February is almost over, I guess I should post about what all happened during this month. It was a busy month and hate I didn't do more post throughout, but hopefully this one will put us back on track. We've had tons of snow this year. I think in Feb we had 3. Church got cancelled one Sunday and then 2 Sundays we only had a 2:00 service. Super Bowl was fun. We had Bryan and Candace, Shanna and Addison, and Chris, Carli, and Baylor over. It was very relaxing and we really enjoyed the company. We had tons of food and just sat around and talked the whole Super Bowl. It was great. Then Valentines Weekend we had a Senior Banquet. We do this every year with the teens. It's for members of our church that are 55 and older and then teens serve them and they just have a fun evening. We'll this year it snowed, so knew we were going to have to end early, but I think it worked out for everyone. Karen and Kay Lynn made the Brisket. (Upon David's request). It was delicious. We served that with Baked potatoes, salad, and dessert. I think everyone enjoyed it. The kids did great!! Honestly we didn't do much for Valentine's Day. It was on a Sunday and so after church we went to eat with the Bradshaws, Ashleys, and Bests at Chili's. It was fun and good to be with friends. Then the rest of the day we pretty much just chilled and then back to church that evening. So, no big day or anything. Maybe David will be more up for it next year! But that weekend also, David got a new truck. We have been wanting to get him a new vehicle for a while now, because his car/truck kept breaking down and he really needed something else, but we just kept waiting until we were having to both use the van for about 2 weeks and then something had to give. I think he found his dream vehicle. It's a little redneck, but we kind of are... so it works! :) He absolutely LOVES it and so that makes me happy!! Ty has started to really like it too. He wasn't sure about it at first, but now he's all "truck, truck..." So I think Daddy and his boys will have many adventures in this ride! Did I mention it's huge??? He had to put the steps on the side because we could barely get into it! It's pretty funny!
This past weekend (19-21) we went to Gatlinburg for Winterfest. We had an awesome time. We actually got to take a greyhound this year, so that made the trip 100 times easier. Ty did really good and I think everyone who went was uplifted and really enjoyed themselves. We stayed in a condo/lodge thing right up the road from the convention center, so it was nice to be able to walk back to the room if we needed to. We had about 30 kids go and 9 chaperones. It was a perfect group and everyone did great. The rooms were nice, since they were a condo they had 2 to 3 bedrooms, a full kitchen and 2 full bathrooms. It was great. The first night Ty wasn't too sure about it so we wrestled most of the night, but Saturday night he did great, so I think he was just a little confused. The speakers were good, singing was good, weather was good, it was just a great time and we were so blessed to be able to go. The ride back was pretty quiet at times because many were sleeping... too bad I was in a position where I couldn't sleep, but at least the little man did! ;) We got back around 5 on Sunday. Ty went to bed right at 8:00 and David had to wake him up Monday at 11:00. He was pure exhausted! David started not feeling really well on Monday so he went to the doctor and sure enough had bronchitis, I guess were just not good at staying up all night like we use too! It was all worth it though.
Then, Tuesday we had a beautiful day so Ty actually got to go outside and play in his sand box, which he totally loves. It was just so refreshing to finally be able to be outside and not have to totally bundle up. It was great! We are so ready for spring it's not even funny!!
I'm glad we got that day, but it was just a tease cause yesterday, Wednesday, it snowed again! :)
Also, so I don't forget, Tyler has been peeing in the potty. Not every time and he certainly doesn't really tell me, but before the bath, I'll put him on there and he will go. Then last night I could see him kind of starting to squat, so I said, "lets go to the potty" and he pooped! I was so excited and so was he!! So, I know were not even close to being potty trained but he does like sitting there and reading his "Mel-Mo" (Elmo) books, so that's a good start, right?
And last but certainly not least.... I'm 6 months pregnant now (24 weeks) and finally I took my first picture!! Sorry little man! We went to the doctor Tuesday and everything looked great. He's measuring right on schedule. She could barely find his heartbeat because he was moving so much! He is definitely a mover, but I love that! :)
I also want to ask for prayers because Tyler is getting tubes in his ears Wednesday (3/3) morning. I'm so nervous about it! I know he will do great and it's not a big deal these days, but he's still my baby and I don't like the fact that he will be put to sleep! So please just pray for the doctors and for him to have a quick recovery and for peace for me to not be so worried! :) ok, thanks!
I'll do better at posting and be sure to document his procedure on Wednesday!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My big boy

The night before last, David and I took Tyler to get his 3rd haircut. The past couple of times he did not like it all at and screamed through the whole thing. This time we went to Sport Clips and he did great!! He sat in David's lap and did awesome. I was so proud of him. He even let her use the buzzer thing for the back and around his ears. I am amazed! He looks like a little man. He definitely needed a hair cut cause he's bangs were all in his eyes and the back was super long, but I had just been dreading it. But he did great and I was so excited. ;) It's the little things in life.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The weekend before last, David's mom and step-dad came down for a few days after their mini-vacation to Gatlinburg. We always love when our family comes to see us, so we were excited for them to get here. They got here Friday afternoon/evening, then we headed out with the Trinh's and Sidden's to dinner for Barbara's birthday. It was fun, a little chotic, but fun. Bekah brought us a yummy cake and it was enjoyed by all. After that we went home and played a little Wii. I wish I had pictures or video, but they are on my video camera, let me tell you, it was hilarious! David's mom has never played before, so it was a hoot! We were all rolling!
Saturday we all go up, David had a meeting, so we just really stayed around the house. I relaxed, they did some laundry for us and then made sandwiches for lunch. Brenda made me some yummy homeade banana pudding for my birthday!! When David got home, he and Mike put up 1 of the 9 new doors that we have to put up. It takes a little longer than just throwing it up there, so only 8 more to go! ;) Then we headed to Red Lobster for my birthday dinner. It was so yummy and Ty did great. We were all hurting by the time we left. So we went back home and had some banana pudding. Then we sat around and of course, I fell asleep. Sunday morning they were packed and ready to go, so we headed to church and then they left afterwards and headed home. We had a great time and were so thankful they were able to come visit!
Then the week was pretty uneventful besides the fact that we found out that Monday we are having a boy. So that was a highlight! Then, Thursday, I took a personal day, cause I just needed to. I slept in, went shopping, and got some crafts done. It was a pretty productive day. Then Friday, I came home from work early cause Tyler had a double ear infection and David needed to do some homework. Then it all started. About Friday afternoon, it started raining and quickly turned into snow. It snowed pretty much all night and most of the day Saturday. At some point it turned to sleat and then turned back to snow. We got around 7" or so. David and his friend, Luke, rented a bob cat and helped one of Luke's friend's dad's company clear some parking lots. They left around 12:00 on Saturday morning and didn't get back till Sunday night around 7:00. They worked all night and sure were tired, but they made some pretty good money! We missed having daddy around, but he was having fun and making money, so it was good.

Saturday, it let off for about an hour, so Ty and I went out to have a little fun. David bought him a little sled thing, so I pulled him around for a bit. He enjoyed it until I put him in the snow and he was stuck. He wasn't too happy about that, but it was funny.
Kylie sure enjoyed it because she got to stay inside for most of the weekend. She and Ty bonded. They were having the best time together. It was really cute. Kylie is great with him and so gentle. Ty was sitting on top of her bouncing and all kinds of stuff like that and Kylie would just lay there. So all in all, it was a great weekend. We were getting a little stir crazy, so Sarah came over Sunday night and we ventured out and got something to eat. Then we were going to take Ty to get his haircut, but the place had already closed, so we just went back home and waited for David to get back. He was happy to be home, but then started clearing our driveway, so Ty and I watched from the window.
This week has been pretty cold and nasty so far. It warms up during the day, so things melt and then freeze again during the night, so the mornings are pretty nasty.
Yesterday, Ty had fun playing in the driveway, shoveling snow from one pile to the other. He was not happy to have to go back inside, but we managed. It's been ok, but they are calling for it again this weekend! Oh my. I guess I need to go grocery shopping cause I think we ate most everything this past weekend!
So now on to working on our rooms... Here is a picture of the shelf David redid and fixed. It was just an old beaten up, wobbly bookshelf that he stained and fixed. It holds some of Ty's toys and
makes it more of his space. So things are coming along, slowly but surely! ;) And last but not least, here's a little video of Tyler in the snow. :)