Friday, May 23, 2008

It's been a week..

Sorry it's been a week since I last posted. So, this post will be mostly of last weekends events.

Friday night we had a cookout for the middle schoolers and those coming into it. We had it at the church and grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. We had a pretty good turn out and I think all the kids that came had a good time!

We had different games, but mostly the Wii, which you can tell by the pictures, the "older" guys enjoyed just as much! :)Then Saturday, I went to a few garage sales and then went with Barbara to the T-ball field for a day of fun and kids, while Jeff played in his soccer game and David played in the church golf tournament.

Here is a couple pictures of the golf tournament. David and Peanut, I guess they wanted a pic of their matching shirts. Then Ted swinging his club, and then of the whole group, I guess "getting their assignments!"
Then that night we had a great time at the Shipman's house with all the teens and their parents! We played "fat bat" and a few card games and ate a wonderful Mexican meal. Sorry no pictures were taken, I was too busy running those bases! :)

Also this week we had the "Marriage Matters" Seminar done by Jerry and Lynn Jones. It was amazing! Honestly everyday I looked forward to sitting there for 2 hours! It flew by and we were so blessed because of it! If you EVER get a chance to go here them speak, do it!! We started on Sunday morning and went through that night, then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday night. We are exhausted, but it was so worth it!!

And one last thing.. My 23 week belly picture.
Sorry I didn't get a 22 week shot, but David tells me all my pics look the same anyways, so does it really matter? I'm sure I will "pop" any day now! :)
And now on to a 3 day weekend!!! Oh I can't wait. We have a cookout at the Siddens, David's sister's are coming and I think we are going to try to get some of the nursery painted!!! yay! I can't wait!
p.s. I also added a few pics to the May 9th post, so check them out too, if you want.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The weekend is over..

And I'm exhausted!
This weekend wasn't different than any other weekend, but we were just a little more sleep deprived than normal. Friday night we had a youth group cookout at the Branch's Lodge. It was so fun. We had a great turnout, awesome grilled hamburgers (by my hubby) and played a game of fat bat. We cleaned up and then headed to the house around 10. At that point we had to get our garage sale items together for the next day, which granted David did most of that, I was mainly doing the talking.

Saturday morning, David went to set put for the garage sale around 6:00, we were having it at church, then I showed up around 8, I just couldn't do 6! The weather was gorgeous and we had a great turn-out of people. David left to play in his first soccer game at 10 and me and the girls held the fort down. Around 11:30, we held a "free" sign up and gave away all that was left, just to get it out of our hands! Then after cleaning up that. I went to David's 2nd soccer game at 1:30. They didn't win either one, but did play great. They had no subs, so they were super exhausted. We came home, took a short nap, then I went to get with some of my girl friends and he went with the guys to watch the race.
I was awaken at 12:15 that night/morning, with a beautiful bundle of flowers for my 1st Mother's Day. He had arranged them all and formed the red ones into a heart. It was precious!! He really is the sweetest husband ever!

Then Sunday morning we went to church for class and then on to work at the Soup Kitchen, where we served lots of homeless/hungry people. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it for the most part until about 1:30 came and I was starving, my feet hurt and I was ready for a break! The doors closed at 2, then we cleaned up and headed home for a shower and some spaghetti oh's! We took an hour nap and then back to church for worship and a going away fellowship for the Bradley's and Alison. We finally left church at 9:30 last night and on to bed shortly after.
So needless to say, We're exhausted today and I'm so ready for my head to hit the pillow. It was a great weekend and I wish I had taken pictures of it all, but sadly I didn't! Hopefully, I'll feel more energized tomorrow! :)

But on a fun note... I think I'm starting to feel Tyler. Not anything major but I do feel like I feel him moving and kicking a little here and there, so that's super exciting!! I just can't wait to see him again in 3 weeks!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Another week..

Has passed us by. Man time if flying by.
The past weekend we did Habitat for Humanity. We had about 20 people from our CYP group. We got a lot done and were very tired come 3:00!

That night we had a young married game night. They had the Wii set up on the big screen and everyone had a great time!

This week has been pretty uneventful. I had a sinus infection, so went to the doctor for that. Thursday night we had terrible storms and tornados all around us, we were blessed and didn't have any damage but there was damage in the town right next to us. Also that night we had a cook-out. David cooked the trout that he caught a couple of weeks ago and roasted corn on the grill. We had homeade hushpuppies in our new fry daddy, and we had a spinach, romaine, and strawberry salad (that Barbara made) and a yummy chocolate chip pound cake also made by Barbara.
The Trinhs and the Chunns came to eat. It was a feast!

Tonight we have a cookout for the kids coming into the youth group. We are going to grill out and play games at the Branch Family Lodge.
Saturday morning the CYP are having a garage sale at church.
It never slows down! :) But that's what makes it fun!

I did manage to take a belly pic this week. I forgot last week!
So, here is my 21 week belly picture!

We're so ready for the weekend but they fly by oh so fast!!!

And here is the bedding I think we are going to use for Tyler's nursery. I think it's really cute and you can bring tons of colors out of it. And it's not too babish. :) But we'll see!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Here he is!!

I'm going to try to post some of the pics I have. Most of them have what they are written somewhere on the picture, but I'll add a caption, just to make sure. Some are a little hard to see because they were scanned in, but you get the picture. Isn't he precious???

The top picture is his little profile with his left hand by his face. He kept hiding his face!
Here is the top of his face looking down, kind of alien like at this point. :) His little hands are balled up right under his face.

Here he is lying on his back doing his ab exercises like his momma. He kept trying to get his feet in his mouth. It's precious on the video!And here he is all boy!!! The fun has just begun! And one last one of his precious little feet. All 10 toes! The reason this picture has scrapes all over it is because I opened the video case and all the pictures flew out and David had to run in the middle of the highway to get it! First time Daddy saved his life! :) Not really, but David said that is what if felt like! :)

And how could I forget the picture of his little muscular leg... Can you believe how big it already is? He's definitely going to be a kicker like his daddy!! :)

So here is our little boy. His name, as of now, is Tyler Dawson. We just love Tyler and Dawson means "David's son" so we thought that was neat! Can't wait to see the precious angel!!

Okay... I'm just going to do it

I wanted to wait to scan my pictures in but I can't wait! It's a.... BOY!!!! Can you believe it?? I really can't. I've always wanted a boy first, but I just "KNEW" this was a girl, so everything in my head revolved around a girl! So I'm a little shocked, but oh so excited. I guess I'll have to work on that mother's intution thing!! :) He looked precious!!! I just love him so much already! He is a very healthy boy with a 132 heartrate. I just can't wait for you to see pics and our video. I'm going to try to get our friend to put the video on youtube for us so you can all see how handsome he is!!! Okay, I'll post weekend stuff later too, I just had to get the intital word out! Thanks for all who prayed for a healthy baby!! Keep it up!~

Friday, May 2, 2008

Another work week has flown by!!

Tuesday and Wednesday I went to Washington, NC for work. It wasn't too bad, but me (the only girl) with about 25 men, it tends to get annoying at times! :) I'll post a pic as soon as my boss sends it to me!
Yesterday we got to go to Chloe's last soccer game. She's a good little player and loves to be on defense, I guess she is use to defending her territory being the oldest of 3!
We also went to David's softball game!!! They won! The first one this season (and I'm not going to mention that it was the 60 and older team) because all the guys played great!! We were so excited that 4 of us crazy women made a tunnel for them to run through! I bet they won't win again, because I don't know if the winning outweighed the embarrassment! Who am I kidding... Sure it did! I did forget to take pics! Sorry!
After the game we went to eat with Brian and Shanna, two of our great friends.
We went to J.Butler's and low and behold it was karaoke night!! So I got David to do a little singing! I love hearing him sing.

We have a jammed packed weekend and then Monday is the big day!! I'll catch up with all the weekend events on Monday! Life is good!