Friday, November 6, 2009

Trip to Florida

So, for about a month I had to keep a secret from my sister that Britt, Ty, and I were flying home for her birthday. It was a huge task for me to keep it because I talk to her once or twice a day. But I think I did a really good job because she had NO idea we all were coming. Friday, Oct. 23, Tyler and I left Greensboro and headed to Florida. We had a lay-over in ATL. It was a horrible flight to ATL. The plane was so hot and very bumpy. Thankfully Tyler was great he just couldn't sit still and wallered me the entire time. So we almost land in ATL and the plane took off again, evidently the plane that was suppose to leave the runway didn't leave quick enough and we had to circle in the air for about 15 more minutes. So needless to say when we landed I was very happy. The delays made us miss our connection flight to P'cola, but luckily the lady in Greensboro put us on the next flight just in case and had she not done that we would have been stranded in ATL for a few hours!! Anyway, we got to P'cola about 30 minutes after Brittany landed. Dad and Austin were there to pick us up. We headed straight to LA HA for the surprise party. Mandy kept calling and telling me funny things that Madi was doing and I had to make sure everyone was quiet when I talked to her. Finally we arrived and they had already surprised her. There were about 20 friends and family there. So after dad and Austin went in, Britt went in and surprised her and she couldn't believe that she was there. Then about 5 minutes later, Ty and I came in and surprised her even more. So she had 3 surprises in a row. It was great and actually ended up better than we had planned. So, it was a fun night. After the party, we headed home to get jackets and snacks and then headed to the football game. It was really fun to be back and it was also Ty's first football game. He loved it and enjoyed watching the game and all the people! We got back home around 10 or so and my bags finally arrived. They lost my bag since we had to switch planes, but they delivered it, so that was great. So shortly after that I put the "Big Brother" shirt on Ty and let him surprise the family. Mandy saw it first and showed BB, then daddy and then mom. They were all super excited. Of course Ty was wondering why everyone was screaming. ;) So after that we all crashed.
Saturday we got up and then headed to GG's to show her the shirt and then headed off to the pumpkin patch, which is becoming a tradition because last year I was here at this time too, just that Ty was one month old. So we got lots of pics and as you can tell, some are not so great. But I just crack up laughing at all the outtakes, so I couldn't leave them out. Also D gave the kids and Nana a hayride while we were there. They had a good time!
Once we exhausted the kids we went to try on Bridesmaid dresses. My sister Britt, is getting married May 29th. About 3 weeks before my due date, so I'm going to be large and in charge! ;) (j/k I'll let you be in charge BB since you are the bride and all). Luckily the dress Brittany picked out also comes in Maternity, so it worked out perfect. After that we grabbed lunch and then headed back to the house to relax before Trunk or Treat that night.
Trunk or Treat was so fun. They had games, food, bouncy thing, and a hay ride. The kids had a blast and so did the adults. It was fun to just hang out with everyone and see the cute kids in their costumes. We borrowed the lion from a good friend Shauna, Trey wore it last year. Tyler actually didn't mind the costume at all and even left the hood on the entire time! It was pretty cold though, so I'm sure the warm lion outfit felt good. Afterwards, we went home and played some games before we crashed again.
Sunday we got up and headed to church. Had an awesome meal at GG's (as always) and then hung out there and played games the rest of the day. Church again and then to eat with "the crew". It was so nice to be able to enjoy Sunday and relax instead of having to travel home. So, of course Sunday night we tried to get a good pics of the cousins, but all didn't really want to participate. So once again there were some hilarious ones so I just had to post them all!!
Monday we got up, I headed over to Emily's to see her precious new son, Neil. He sure is a cutie and such a sweet baby. It was so fun catching up with her and just being able to talk. Then I headed home for some Big T (fried pickles) I really wanted them before I left, so mom picked them up for lunch. Yum they were good! Then we headed to the airport. It was a pretty uneventful trip home, which was nice compared to the trip there! David was anxiously awaiting our arrival. It was so good to see him, we miss him when we're gone. Tyler kept kissing him, it was so cute.
We had a blast at home and so thankful that we got to be there to celebrate my sister's 30th birthday. We love you all and are so thankful for you and for taking care of us while we are there!!! Can't wait till Christmas!!
P.S. Darla said Ty was WAY spoiled when he stayed with her the next day... OOPS! ;)
The little Tiger outfit was from my sweet friend Amy for Ty's bday. It's absolutely adorable, and I think it looks so cute on him!!!
And this last pic is what pretty much went on if there was any down time during the day. Mom and Britt just got internet on their phones and Mandy got a new one, so at any given point this is what these 3 were doing! I just had to capture it! Pretty funny, if you ask me! :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lately and Halloween...

So, it seems the last couple of weeks have been crazy. So I have a lot of blogging to catch up. This post is going to be Halloween and the weeks before. So my wonderful Mother-in-Law came to visit us about 2 or 3 weeks ago. We always love when she comes! She's a crafty lady and has all kind of fun gadgets so she usually brings them all when she comes and then the last day before she leaves we try to cram everything in! She brought her monogramming machine and I had 3 or 4 projects to work on, so we had fun trying to get them all complete although the last night she was probably ready to kill me because I kept her up till 1:00am trying to finish, cause I'm some-what of a perfectionist when it comes to things like that! ;) My house on the other hand, people will probably beg to differ. For some reason in our household we have the hardest time of keeping things in their place and keep up with the laundry. So that's another reason why my mother-in-law is so great because when she's here, she can't sit still, so she cleans and does laundry while keeping Ty for us! So this is what my couch looked like when I got home from work one day. I really appreciate her and all she does for us. It's such a treat to have her come, and grandpa when he can! ;) We are looking forward to Thanksgiving with them this year! Also, she left the day before her birthday and although we technically went out to eat for her bday, it totally slipped my mind and didn't even pay!!! So she had to pay for her own birthday dinner! So sorry about that! I'll make it up to you, promise! I'm also posting some pictures that Grandma took while she was here. The cute rainboots she got him although he wasn't to happy about them at first, he likes them now, they are just a little hard to walk in. ;) She got to witness Ty in Timeout and I think she thought it was pretty funny, bless him! Daddy and Ty built a fire. It was the cutest thing because Ty just wanted to be right beside David every step he took. Of course, Ty is a boy and loves the remote, I guess he just got comfy on his bean bag and found something good to watch. :) And then a pic of me and Ty, in his precious sweater, together.
In the meantime, David is so into Bow Hunting right now. Any chance he gets, he's in the woods or preparing for it! One night around 11, I found him in the woods beside our house trying out his tree stand and making sure he had it before hunting the next morning. It really was a hilarious site! Our house is the first house in the neighborhood and a couple cars past while he was 30' up a tree in the middle of the neighborhood. It was so funny, and they thought so too! I love my hubby, never a dull moment!!
So the next weekend Ty and I flew down to surprise my sister for her 30th birthday, but that's going to have to be the next post because it's way too long to combine them all, so I will skip to Halloween.
This year we were excited to get to go Trick-or-Treating with Tyler since he can walk now and would love it, but it POURED rain the entire night. We went out to the Branch Ranch and had a chicken stew with some friends and boy was it fun! Halloween day was kind of crazy because the whole day it was kind of muggy and hot. So I didn't put Ty's costume on till the very end because I knew he would burn up! So lets just say he was a football player until around 8:30 until he turned into a lion for about 10 minutes and then quickly had enough of that and decided he just wanted to be himself and wear his birthday suit. And by the way, I was a leopard because I had some comfy pj pants that I really wanted to wear, costume.. Perfect! (so that is what the cat lines on my face are!) We had a great day and most of all because we were all together. When we got there David went fishing and caught a little fish, so he brought it up to show Ty. I think Tyler was a little impressed, but not too much. ;) Daddy also brought bubbles to entertain with. I'm telling you he's a fun daddy!! :)
We got home around 10 after a 30 minute drive in the pouring rain and all crashed. It was a fun Halloween and hopefully next year we will be able to Trick or Treat not only with our lion but his little cub! ;)
That's right, on that subject, I really need to start my belly pics. I think with Ty I took one at 4 weeks. I'm 8 weeks now and haven't even taken one... I must get on that before I get called out for having favorites. ;)