Monday, January 26, 2009


I mean, I know I'm a bit prejudice, but he's so stinkin cute. I had to put these pictures up. This is what he wore Sunday to church, he did have his little old man's hat on, but I took it off when we got home. You can't see it in all the pics but if you look really close he's got these crazy curls that stick up right on the top of his head, it's adorable.

Then this was our Sunday afternoon nap. I did get to sleep for about 15 minutes until David got home from church and woke me up, so I was "suppose" to be asleep for this picture, but smiled on an accident. I still thought it was precious of Tyler. He's just gotten to where he likes to lay and cuddle with you on the couch and then he falls asleep, it's heavenly! ;)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Rice Cereal...

I had to leave church early on Wednesday because silly me brought everything and the kitchen sink, except... a bottle!!! So he started getting squirmy in class and I decided I better head home or might have a screaming child in a matter of minutes. Thank goodness he didn't start till we pulled into the driveway.. Perfect timing. So, since we were home early I decided to try a little rice cereal. Of course it's so running it's practically liquid, but he actually did pretty good. It mostly just ran straight out of his mouth, but he didn't cry or anything, so we'll do it again soon. :) Barbara told me that sometimes it helps to give him a spoon to hold so he doesn't try to grab yours while your feeding him... Great idea... The only problem is he decided he wanted to feed himself, that's right at 4 months he's feeding himself, what a prodigy I have!! :) J/K Here are a few pictures of the progress and I"ll try to post the video too! Hope it works!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's my party and I'll can cry if I want to...

But I didn't need to!!! Yesterday was my 27th birthday!! I can't believe how old that sounds, to me! :) I had the head junk all weekend so I was pretty sure it wouldn't just stop for my bday. I did feel better, but not great. Tyler started getting it to, which stinks even more cause he can't take the medicine like I can, poor thing. But anyway, I woke up to a wonderful surprise in my living room. David had made 2 big hearts out of pink roses and had a vase full of beautiful pink roses. He had me 2 precious cards, one from him and one from Tyler. Of course David being himself, had given me the presents from Tyler the night before. He got me 2 work-out outfits, 3 pairs of comfy pants, and a tupperware organizer. He's so sweet and thoughtful.
When we woke up we also were covered in snow!! It was gorgeous and such a fun birthday gift. So I went in a little late for work. I worked about 1/2 a day and then went home cause I wasn't feeling real good. Ty and I laid around till about 6:30 and then David took me to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner while Sarah kept Tyler. He gave me his gift which was awesome Nike running shoes that I really needed. He also bought me 3 other pair of shoes for the summer. He's definitely a bargain shopper. ;) After dinner we went to the Trinhs for dessert that David had made, yumm was it good!! And that was the end to my wonderful birthday!!

I just have to add in here that I have the most amazing hubby ever. He works so hard to make everything so special for me. He is so thoughtful and caring, it's crazy! Thank you baby for being the best hubby, daddy, and friend ever!!!! I love you!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've been tagged...

So today is my birthday and my very precious friend Holly has tagged me with a prestigious blog award... So here goes.

I'm supposed to list five things I am addicted to, then honor five others with the prestigious blog award, and they are supposed to carry on and on and on...

The Top FIVE Most Addictive Things in My Life:(In no particular order)

1. My family and friends- whether it's blood family, church family, friends that act like family, or just plain awesome friends... I've been blessed so much with wonderful people in my life and I LOVE to be around them. Although many of them live far away from me, I still think about them and love them every single day... But I'm also really blessed with best friends here in Winston too! :)
2. David and Tyler. I mean I guess they fall into the family category too, specifically I just can't get enough of them. David is so sweet and thoughtful and takes care of us oh so much, and little Tyler just melts my heart. They both make me oh so happy!
3. Sunday afternoon naps- I took this from Holly, but it's true. I never get to take an afternoon nap, but Sunday, it just needs to happen. It is just good for the body and soul and usually Tyler thinks so too, cause he usually takes a good 2-3 hour Sunday nap too!
4. God/Jesus- Where-ever I have gone in my life I have been blessed beyond measure. It's amazing how God always comes through in the toughest situations. We are so very blessed beyond measure and would be lost with Him!
5. Being outside. I love pretty spring/fall days and just soaking it all in. I use to love to run on those days and just feel refreshed, but now I can't hardly run because of my OLD knees, so I enjoy walking and just being outside!!
6. I know it said 5, but I say 6... One Tree Hill, The Bachelor, and The NEW 90210. Okay I'm addicted! Yes they are always recorded, just in case something comes up and I can't watch them!

Part II Crazy 8:
8 of my Favorite Shows
1. The Bachelor
2. One Tree Hill
3. 90210
4. Game Shows.. I love them ALL!!!
6. Noggin
7. Use to be The View, now they just get on my nerves!!

8 of my Favorite Restaurants:
1. Mexican
2. Texas Roadhouse
3. Olive Garden
4. Red Lobster
5. Really any where. I don't complain much when it comes to food! :)
8 Things that have Happened Today:
1. It snowed Woo-hoo!
2. Stayed up pretty much all night/morning with Tyler cause he couldn't breathe much because of his stuffy nose!
3. Had a birthday surprise from my hubby
4. Changed about 3 diapers already
5. Went to work
6. Checked my email, blogs, and facebook
7. Kissed David and Tyler
8. Talked to tons of family and friends today!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Getting rid of this head junk
2. Birthday dinner tonight with my hubby
3. March- Seeing my family again
4. March- Seeing Jacob Williams!! ;)
5. Warm weather so I will be motivated to work out again!
6. Watching Tyler grow up and learn new things everyday.
7. The Weekend
8. Having some girl time!!
8 Things On My Wish List:
1. World Peace
2. Lose 20 lbs ( keeping wishing, I know!) Actually just to get my tone back!
3. All my bills paid off
4. My heater to keep working (questionable)
5. A healthy and happy family

Okay, I think that about wraps it up. Thank goodness!! Now, after much deliberation, the jury has chosen the Top Five Blog Award Winners! Drum roll please..........

1. Where there's a Williams There's a way (Ashley) although she's 9 months prego, I think her fingers still work. ;)

2. The Key Ingredient (Kelly)

3. The Stephens Family (Mandy)

4. The Siddens (Bekah)

5. Barbara and Kay Lynn.... Haven't blogged in a while, so we'll see. ;)

Although some of the above bloggers have been MIA for months... I still believe they do some stalking and better reply to this or the award brutally gets taken away. ;) J/K

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I know...

It's not looking good for blogging in 2009 since it's January 13th and I'm just now doing my new years post. I'll get back in the swing of things soon, I hope.

A day or two before New Years, we had my papa's brother, Vernon and his daughter Becky over for dinner. It was so good to see them. Vernon lives in King about 25 minutes away and Becky lives in TN. We had a good visit and they just ate up Tyler! :)

We had a great New Years. Since it happened to be on Wednesday night, we had a singing service at church. It was really good and we all enjoyed it. Then a bunch of our friends came over to our house to play games and bring in the new year. We had a blast and so glad we have great friends to celebrate with. Of course Tyler passed out about 10:00 so he rang in the new year fast asleep in his crib, but I did manage to get a picture of him.

The next week we headed to Colorado for the National Conference for Youth Ministers (NCYM) or something like that. It was in Colorado Springs. So we left really early from the Raleigh Airport and had a direct flight to Denver. It was a great flight besides the fact the Tyler of course had a stinky diaper and there were no changing tables so we had to lay a blanket in the floor and change him right there while people were walking back and forth to the bathroom. I did change a wet diaper in my lap a littler earlier, but I wasn't going to attempt the stinky one, I don't think the people sitting around me would have appreciated that so much! But anyway, we made it. I was surprised that there was NO snow on the ground. In my mind when we landed there was going to be inches of snow everywhere, not so much. We rented a car and headed to Colorado Springs (about 45 minutes) and we did see snow on the ground here and there, but nothing like I had imagined. The conference was great. There were so many awesome speakers and the singing was just amazing. Tyler did great the whole week as always. It was just really neat to be with my family all week. We didn't get to do much site seeing because Tyler couldn't handle to much of the elevation, but we did make it to The Garden of the Gods. It's an amazing park with giant rocks and stuff like that. We managed to take a few pics, but not too many because that day it was pretty cold and we had to get back to Denver to catch our flight.

The flight back was great. Tyler slept all 4 hours despite the fact that there were about 4 other kids screaming their heads off. I felt so bad for those mothers!

So Sunday, we were back to the grind of everything. We had a great trip and so thankful to our Elders for letting us be a part of such a wonderful thing!It was hard coming back to work Monday after being off all week, but somethings, you just got to do.

Tyler had his 4 month check up today including his shots. He did great and only cried for about 30 seconds. Thanks to David for being a tough daddt and staying with him while I left the room, I just can't bare that, but I guess sooner than later I'll have to get over it. But anyway. He weighed 15lbs 10oz (70%), 25 1/4" long (64%) and his head measured 17", I think, which I forgot what percentile that was but it was average. But the doctor said he's right on schedule and looks great. So we were happy and thankful for a great check-up!

Also, we're definitely thinking of my papa this week,as always, but he died a year ago on the 12th. I can't believe it has been that long. What a short time a year feels like. What a great man that will be missed forever, but always in our hearts! Love you Papa~