Friday, August 28, 2009


This week has been pretty low-key. David has spent most of his time working on our deck. I'm so proud of him because he's done it all by himself and has done a great job with it. It's almost done with the decking and then will come the rails, stairs, and side bars, but that will come later. We are just happy to have a nice platform to walk on. He did it in Trex, so that it will last longer and will be very durable. Here is a pic of him working from the beginning. He tore our old deck off because it was rotting and just really didn't look very good. So, it's been a process, but he's done a great job with it.
We are planning Tyler's one year birthday party, which is fun, but also kind of sad. I can't believe he's already one. He really is starting to look like and act like a little boy and not so much baby. It's crazy how fast it was flown by!

Sarah and I took him to the park, at her apartment, the other day. He had a blast but it was about 90 degrees, so we didn't get to stay very long. He liked playing in the sand and just being independent. He's constantly on the go and can now go from sitting to standing without having to pull up on something. He's learning lots of new "tricks" these days. We are just having a blast with him! I think he's about to get 2 more teeth on the top. So hopefully by his birthday he will have 4 on top and 2 on bottom. We'll see. I'm still trying to get a pic of those honker teeth on the top, but I can't seem to get them in a picture. :)
Wednesday, was Millie's 4th birthday. I was feeling froggy, so I made her a cake. Of course it's chocolate, per her request. I don't have a pic of the inside yet because I wasn't able to be there when they ate it, but I think Barbara has some, so I'll post some pics of her with the cake when I get them. I think it turned out pretty good. I had different ideas in my head of what to do with it, but they didn't quite work, so this is how it ended up. Hope you had a great birthday Millie! She probably doesn't really think it was her birthday because the party is not till Saturday! ;)

And last but not least, I wanted to put a little shout out for my Cousin Teresa's new website. She is one of the funniest people I know. We love to be around her and her family, the only problem is that they live in Kentucky and we don't get to get up there near as much as we would like! She is the mother of 5. Starting with a son, my age, and then down to her twin boys that are 17. Rachel is the only girl and we have grown up together being the best of friends. Back to my point, she was started a website called NANAHOOD. She has one granddaughter and is the author of many fun and helpful books. She's has worn many hats over the years, as a daughter, wife, mother, friend, teacher, writer, and many more I'm sure I'm missing. But this website is for all the "Nana's" out there to chat, tell stories, share advice, and just have an overall connection. So if you are a "Nana" and you're reading this, you should check it out, if you're not, then you should tell your mom and then check it out anyway! ;) The address is:

So that concludes the randomness for this week. Saturday we have 2 birthday parties to go to. So we should have a fun weekend and then look forward to Grandma and Mike coming Monday! And our wood floors are getting finished this coming week. So I'll have lots to post next week! Have a fun weekend and enjoy every minute!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Busy weekend...

I'm sure the title didn't catch you too off guard, because that is the title of most weekends. But this was a very special busy weekend! It started off pretty low key. David, Ty, and I joined the Garcia's for dinner at Chilli's to celebrate Josh's 17th birthday! We had a good dinner and then headed back home to wait for my papa (dad's dad) and aunt Gail (dad's sister) to arrive from Cincinnati. They were coming in for my papa's brother's 80th surprise birthday party! They got there around 8:00 or so. We visited and just hung out. Around 9 or so, Kelsey came to say goodbye because she was leaving for Lipscomb the next day. It was very hard to say goodbye because we love her dearly, but she is going to have a blast and we are so excited for her new journey. Next, David left to go meet Stephen for ice cream, a senior from last year, he was leaving Saturday also. Then he picked me up around 10:30 and we headed to the Chunn's to say goodbye to Austin. So it was a fun, bittersweet day. These kids are the ones we started out with, and it's a good feeling to see them go off and KNOW they are going to do great in college. We are going to miss them like crazy, but look forward to when we get to see them again!!

So finally we went to bed around 12:30 or 1:00. Got a text around 4:30 a.m. from one of my best friends, Shanna, telling me her water broke and she was at the hospital. I wanted to head up there right when I got it, but I knew that it would probably be a while so I should sleep a little longer. Finally 8:00 rolled around and I couldn't take it any longer. I got up and headed to the hospital. Aunt Gail was gracious enough to keep Ty for me so I could go check on Shanna. I came back for lunch and papa treated us to delicious Donatos Pizza. After lunch, papa and aunt Gail took a nap, so we (David, Ty, and I) headed back to the hospital. I think there was a steady crowd of 10 in the waiting room and then people in and out on top of that. We were definitely the biggest crowd in the room and I think everyone knew it! ;)
So 4:30 p.m. came around and we needed to leave to be able to make it to King in time for the surprise party. We got there with about 15 minutes to spare. It was so fun seeing everyone and many people I didn't know. Papa and all the out of town guest were suppose to be in front, so that's who Vernon would see first. When he opened the door we all sang Happy Birthday and he was in complete shock! It was so fun to see him so surprised. We had a great dinner and a fun time visiting with everyone. After dinner, most people stood up and told stories, read poems and just reminisced about memories they had with Vernon. It was a special time! We had to leave around 7, because Tyler was getting tired of sitting and wasn't being really quiet. So we left and David was so sweet to take Ty home and get him in bed so that I could go back to the hospital. Aunt Gail and Papa stayed in King till about 10:00, laughing and having so much fun with the family.

Back at the hospital, I didn't miss much because Shanna was still in labor but not progressing much, so we thought... The last time they checked her she was at a 3, and that was at 3:00p.m. They kept giving her pitocin and it "didn't" seem to be working that well. So finally the nursed looked at her records at 8:50 and realized that she hadn't been checked since 3! So she checked her and we stood behind the curtain, the next thing we heard was, "Honey, I don't feel your cervix, I think you are at 9 1/2!!!" We started freaking out, but not where she could see us just in case the nurse was wrong. So she got someone else in there to make sure and sure enough, it was time to push!!! We couldn't have been more happy for Shanna because we knew she was tired of sitting in that bed! So the fun began...
We were sitting at the edge of our sits with cameras in hand scared to go to the bathroom in case he walked out as soon as we were gone. Well, 10:00 came, 11:00 came, and we were getting worried. Finally around 11:30 or so, Brian came out and we were all on our feet!!! This was the only time I was so super excited about NOT knowing if it was a boy or girl. It killed me the last 10 months, but this moment was awesome. He came out and gave us the news (in the video)...

It's a BOY!!!! We were all super excited and I definitely was because I can't wait for him and Tyler to be best friends!!
Shanna was totally exhausted. She's all about 110lbs on a 5'8" frame (totally guessing, but that's what I think) and she birthed a 8lb 15oz baby!!!! I was totally impressed!! I doubt at the moment she was too impressed because I doubt she had enough strength to realize what she did, but I bet today she better be feeling pretty proud of herself!! She's my hero!! You go girl! I hate that you had such a hard labor, but YOU DID IT!!! Now, you better know you can do anything!!
So now, we have a new precious little boy, Addison.

I got home around 1:30a.m. and fell into bed. Sunday morning, Aunt Gail and Papa left. I got to spend a little time with them before they left. It was so good to have them here even if it was for a very short while.
Sunday afternoon we got to go back to the hospital and hold Addison. He's absolutely precious!!! Head full of black hair and the sweetest natured little thing! He doesn't care much for bright lights or flashes as you can tell in the pics, he gives you his daddy's little curled up nose. It's adorable.
SO there you have it. It was a busy weekend, but oh so fun!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lately... A very long post

So two weeks ago now, David was gone all week with the teens to camp. It's a camp only about 30 minutes away, so most days we got to see him. We (Tyler and I) went out there 2 nights and saw him. It was perfect weather and even a little bit cool towards the beginning of the week. David had a good time, but was very ready to get back, so he came home around 2:00 Friday/Saturday morning. Saturday we spent just hanging out and getting a few things done around the house. Sunday was a busy day. We got up, went to church, after church my mom, Mandy, Brittany, Austin, and Madi arrived!!!
We were so excited and I'd been looking forward to them coming for a while now. But about an hour after they got there I left and headed up to the church for Shanna's shower. It was good and she got lots of good things. That night we had a teen devo at the Gardener's house. It was the last one for the seniors, so it was bittersweet. Back home to hang out and get ready for bed. I just love when my family is here!
So, Monday, I went to work and the fam just hung out. They went to the mall which I got to join them for a little while. It was fun, but I think the kids had had enough by the end of it, but they were super good the whole time. That night we went to Pancho Villas (our favorite Mexican place) for Austin's birthday. Too bad I didn't get a pic of him while they were singing happy birthday to him! He just turned 7 and it truly seems like yesterday that he was born!!! After that we took a family trip to Target and then went back to the house. Tuesday, was pretty much the same. I can't really remember what went on, but I"m sure it was some of the same stuff. Wednesday morning, David and I headed out pretty early for the hospital. I was having knee surgery and had to be there at 7:30. It was out-patient for a torn meniscus. My knee has been hurting for as long as I can remember, so when I finally went to the specialist, he said this is what needed to be done... So there you have it. All I remember was getting the IV in my hand and then that's it. I was out until they were saying, KiKi.... It's time to wake up... and repeat and repeat. One of my favorite people works there, Vicki, so she was my recovery nurse, so she had everyone in there calling me KiKi, it was so funny. All I remember thinking was, this feels so good, I just want to keep sleeping... Until they wheeled me out and gave me a diet coke. ;) Overall, it was a good surgery, I was off of it for pretty much 24 hours and then we were out and about. I was off of work for the rest of the week, so we took every advantage of it. I mean, I didn't go do anything crazy, but we were able to get out a little while. So the rest of the week we just hung out, They helped me tremendously rearranging my furniture and getting things into a more "house-like" manner. It was fun and I loved how it turned out, I'll have to post pics of that soon. We went to the park and had a dinner picnic and played rook every night. It was so fun! Then Sunday came and they had to leave, not only them, but David left too. He took the kids to South Carolina for a work camp all week. They had a blast and it was really good for all of them, but it was hard for me going from everyone to no one. But I took Monday and Tuesday off, so Ty and I played, went to the pool, took naps, went grocery shopping, went to the softball game, and just had a good time. So that made it all better! David came back really late Thursday night/Friday morning. Side note: Lately I have been so into the cake shows like Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes.. Any cake competition, so I got this crazy idea to make a cake Friday night, for no reason and I didn't have anywhere to take it, I just really wanted to see if I could do it. So I went and bought all the supplies and made it, complete with marshmallow fondant and all. I thought it turned out pretty good for being my first time and I enjoyed doing it, so it's my new hobby. I stayed up till 2:o0 in the morning making it! And then we got a call the next day, Saturday, from the Chunn's asking us if we wanted to come over for Vicki's birthday dinner... Score, I had the perfect place to take my cake. I was so excited and a little nervous, because I had no idea how it would taste. But they all said they liked it, so that was good. ;)

Sunday we went to church then out to eat to The Loop. Then home for a short nap, and then back to church for Austin's eagle scout ceremony. Then back home, then back to church again. So by the end of the day, I was exhausted and Tyler was even more because he got about a 30 minute nap the whole day. So I took him home, put him in bed and then David and about 20 kids came over for pizza. It was fun and I loved having them all over. Then Monday came and it was back to work...

Tuesday, Tyler turned 11 months. I can't believe that now in less than a month he will be one. Knock on wood, but he's slept through the night 8 nights in a row!!!! That's huge for us. He's a pretty good sleeper, but usually gets up at least once and I would have to give him a bottle, so you can imagine how excited I am!! He's walking/running like crazy. Wants to follow me all around the house now. Is content most of the time just playing with his toys. He's a ham and loves attention, as you can see in the videos. He has learned lots of new tricks this past month.
He really took off walking when Austin and Madi were here because he wanted to follow them around EVERYWHERE, so they came at an awesome time for his walking skills. ;) He's learning to talk more and says "Huh" all the time as to say, "what??" and then when he does it really fast back to back, that means, "I really want that or to do this, why are you not letting me???" and then he quickly gets over it. He's pretty good at getting hurt or mad and getting over it really quickly. He had a fall Wednesday and hit his gum and split it wide open. Darla, his babysitter, thought she might have to take him to the hospital because it wouldn't stop bleeding, but as soon as David got there, he was fine. I'm sure that is the first of MANY fun accidents!! :) He's around 21-22 lbs and I have no idea how tall, I guess we'll find out at his 1 year old check up, but he's really shot up the past couple of weeks. Oh and we now have 2 teeth on the bottom and almost 2 on the top!!! Yay those things were/are so stubborn!! Tyler is such a sweet kid and we are still enjoying him more than ever, we just light up thinking about him. I just can't believe how fast time really does go!!

So a few more things that have been going on lately...

Sarah, David's sister, moved out at the end of July. It's sad to see her leave (although she's only 5 miles down the road), but I know that she's ready to be on her own and out of her brother's house. We had fun while she lived with us and were very thankful for all her help!! We love you Sarah and know you can still come over whenever you wish! ;)

David has been cutting his hair for forever, but now he has also started cutting other people's hair too. A few weeks ago he cut Brian's hair and it turned out really good, then when Austin came, he cut his hair, then when we were over at the Chunn's for dinner Brian wanted his hair cut again. So it's been David's new little hobby and he really does do a great job with it! ;)

We found out that a family here that has been like our family, Brian, Vicki, Megan, and Austin Chunn are moving to Texas. Both Megan and Austin will be off at college, but we are so incredibly sad that Brian and Vicki won't be here. Brian and David are pretty much one and the same. They give each other a run for their money and are really great friends. It is going to be so hard to not have them here. I know the move it bittersweet for them, because it's a great job and pretty good timing, but they have been here 15 years. I can't imagine, but I do know that they will be greatly missed and especially by my little family. I'm going to stop here because I don't want to start crying... But just know it's going to be really hard and a really hard adjustment seeing them leave!
And on to more happier things... My friend Shauna had sweet little Trent on Tuesday. I so wish I could be there to hold that precious boy!! He looks just like his 2 year old brother, Trey! We are so happy for them and can't wait to see them again.

And... another one of my best friends, Shanna, is due on the 20th!! They did not find out what they are having and it's killing me. I am so excited and can't wait. So I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of "baby"!! So this coming week or next, we should have another precious little one! I'm so excited. This picture was taken at the game Monday night (Sorry Shanna, you're probably going kill me!) Brian, her husband, got smacked in the face with a ball that bounced up and I really thought it broke his nose, cause it just started pouring blood! But this was taken when she was trying to get her 10 month belly over to help him! She looks absolutely adorable, and I just love how the baby is sticking out in this picture, so I'm going to share. :) Love you both!!

So that is the end of this crazy, jump around blog. My mind is going 90 to nothing and I can't get my thought process together so that's why this was probably so hard to read, but I wanted to make sure I documented it all. So sorry! My papa and Aunt are coming in tonight from Cincinnati. His brother lives in King (about 20 minutes away) and they are throwing him a surprise 80th birthday party! So we are excited to have them come stay with us for the weekend!! It's sure to be a fun time!

I'll do better about keeping up so I won't have to do these crazy catch up blogs! Sorry some of the videos were sideways and so dark, I couldn't figure out how to edit them, but you get the point! :)