Monday, May 17, 2010

Prayer Request...

This request is for the mom of one of my very best friends, Candace. She has been going through a lot lately, but Saturday she was rushed to the ER and was basically unconscious. After a long day Saturday and unknown answers, they determined that her bp spiked to 200/140 which caused her brain to swell and cause a few other issues. She has scleroderma which is a rare disease that she is also dealing with. All this together has put her in the ICU. She is improving so much better than the doctors even thought she would at this point. She is a fighter and a very tough woman, but definitely needs all of our prayers. So please say a prayer for her, Sandra, and the whole Lawson family. They have become very close "family" to David, Tyler, and I. So please just take a second and say a little prayer for this precious family!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dinner with Friends...

Tuesday night we met some of our great friends at Kimono's for dinner. Sarah and Byron are in town this week from Texas and we were so excited to get to see them. We had a great dinner and finished the evening almost getting kicked out, but it was a super fun night and I'm so thankful for awesome friends like these!! Love you guys!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend...

And so my life goes.... Thursday after Tyler's shots he started running 103.5 temperature. I picked him up from Darla's and he was just pitiful. After some Motrin and lovin on he perked up and seemed to be fine. Slept good that night. Friday, David decided to keep him just in case and then I came home at lunch and kept him the rest of the day. He did pretty good, but started this awful cough. Friday we decided to get take-out and stay in for the night. Saturday we woke up and Ty seemed pretty good, but still his cough was getting worse. We went for a walk (probably not the best thing looking back on it) but it was gorgeous and I really wanted to get some exercise. After Ty got up from his nap they gave me my mother's day presents. So very sweet. The card was from "Ty" and was super cute, the flowers were beautiful, and as you can tell from one of the pictures Ty was very excited to see that he bought me Dum Dum pops. (He loves those!)

Afterwards we got ready and went to Candace and Bryan's house for a cook-out for Brandon's graduation. It was so fun and really relaxing. The only bad part was that Ty was literally coughing his head off the entire time. I felt so bad for him but knew it was most likely allergies since he had no other symptoms. So, we left at a decent time and got him in bed.

Sunday, up for church. I taught class and did KFC, so I was pretty exhausted by the end of it. Ty was cranky and still coughing so we opted to head home. I pretty much had a breakdown on the way home because of his coughing and him always being sick, so I called the Dr and they said to bring him in at 1:55. Got there around 1:20 cause he was asleep in the car and didn't want to wake him. Every single person that got there way after us was called back. I was totally annoyed and frustrated. Finally we were the LAST to be called back. They did an oxygen level test, tested his blood and finally decided to give him a dose of steroids and send us home with 3 more doses. Never really said what was going on, but thought that the steroids would calm the cough.

I really understood what Mother's Day was all about. Me holding my baby ALL DAY LONG because he wouldn't go to anyone else. I sent David out to the farm because they were having a cook-out and there was no need for all of us to miss it. So he went out and enjoyed some fishing and fellowship while we staying home and enjoyed watching Cat in the Hat and Alvin switching about every 10 minutes. Annoying, but it made him happy. So whatever.
I wouldn't say it will go down as being the best Mother's Day ever, but that's life and at least I got to be home with my little boy even if he was sick.
Didn't get any pictures of us either but that was probably best because I'm sure I had snot all over my shirt! :)

Monday morning David left for Myrtle Beach where he was meeting with a youth ministry group he gets together with. So, I stayed home with Ty to give him one more day of recovery. It was nice because we slept in and then played most of the day. While he took his nap I got some good cleaning in. It was a productive day, so that was nice. David is on his way home right now, so we'll be glad to have him back! :)

Hate we weren't able to be with our mom's on Mother's Day but hope they know how much we love and appreciate them! They are 2 wonderful people who have had a HUGE impact on who we are today and we both thank them from the bottom of our hearts! I only hope I can be 1/2 a great mom as they were/are!! Love you mom and thank you for being you and teaching me how to be the best mom I can be!!
And to my grandmothers, you truly are amazing and we are so incredibly grateful for your love and the example you give to us. You are christian women who have held our families together! We love you!!
And to my sister, what an awesome mom you are. The sacrifices you make for your kids and others is unfathomable. Thank you for being that supermom that I can always look up to!!

And to all my friends that are moms... Thanks for sharing stories and heartaches that help us get through day to day struggles. You truly are great and I'm thankful to have you in my life!!

And to my precious son that makes me a mommy, thank you for being the most precious thing in this world. I mean, you take right after your daddy so how could you not be? You are so fun to watch and be with. You constantly put a smile on my face with your little eye glares and the funny things you do and say. I am so thankful that God let me be your mommy and I hope I can be everything He wants me to be for you!! I love you little man!!

And to all my friends who have lost a mom, child, or are struggling to get pregnant, know that I am praying for you on Mother's Day and always!!

Okay, sorry for the sappiness, I just needed to throw that out there! :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunshine and almost summertime...

This past weekend was a fun-filled weekend for us. We had tickets to the Martina McBride concert in Greensboro Friday night, but I decided I really didn't want to go... Not really sure why, I was just not feeling it, so I gave the tickets to Sarah. She said it was an awesome concert and I'm glad she got to go and enjoy it. So, anyway, it was beautiful Friday, so we decided we wanted to go to a baseball game so we could be outside and enjoy the weather. The Winston-Salem Dash wasn't playing so we met Bryan and Candace at the Greensboro Grasshoppers Game. We had the best time. We had great seats and Tyler loved it! Afterwards they turned off all the lights and had a huge fireworks show. It quite possibly could have been the longest fireworks I have ever seen. Ty just starred at them. So needless to say we didn't leave there till around 10:30, but we loved it. Of course, David being the kid he is, filled us with pizza, steak and cheese sub, cotton candy, drinks, and ice cream (with a little help from Candace). David even bought him a sponge finger thing, so it definitely wasn't a cheap date, but it was worth it. Fun times with family and friends!

Saturday we (Ty and I) didn't get up till 10:00. David left a little earlier because he was playing golf that day at the Church's golf tournament. So Ty and I decided to meet Melissa, Francesca, and Dominic for some strawberry picking. We got to their house a little before lunch and headed to the farm in Kernersville. It was pretty hot and muggy that day, but we had fun. Dominic ended up sleeping the entire time we were there, but Ty and Francesca had fun finding all the strawberries. Honestly, after about 15 minutes of it, Ty was saying, "Bye Bye Stra-bur-ees" He was hot and ready to go. So we stayed for about an hour and then decided to head to the park for lunch. The kids played and had a blast. We got home around 3:00 and Ty crashed. I had to wake him up about 6:00. Then we met Candace, Bryan, and Sarah at Mellow Mushroom for dinner. It was fun and the weather was once again beautiful. After dinner we went to Kernel Kustards for some ice cream. Then around 10:30 headed back home.

Sunday we were up for church and then we went Kimono for lunch with the youth committee. It was fun and good to catch up with some of my girl friends. Then we headed back home for naps. We got up around 4:00 and headed to Ty's favorite park, Hathaway, where we were having the Teen Devo that night. Cody and Karen cooked hot dogs and we had a little picnic and played. It really was a great day.

Monday back to work. Candace's mom got pretty sick and they ended up having to put her in the hospital, so we went to visit them a little bit on Monday. Thank goodness all is well and she saw great doctors. She got to go home on Tuesday, and is feeling much better but still needs prayers that they find the reason she got so sick and are able to make it better! We love their family and hated to see them go through this. So continue to pray for this sweet sweet family!

Tuesday, I had a training all day in Raleigh. So it ended up being a 12 1/2 hour day. Not fun.. It wasn't too bad, but it was just long. That night we enjoyed sitting outside for dinner and then having Popsicles on the front porch. Tyler is loving Popsicles right now and he's so stinkin cute eating them. The videos (at the bottom) were precious. He did answer some of my questions, but he does tend to get a little distracted and "forget" what I asked him. So, that's the best I've got right now. :)

We are all doing good and getting ready to head to Florida in a couple weeks for my sister's wedding. Got my bridesmaid dress yesterday, needless to say, I'm meeting with the seamstress today to see if she can work a miracle... Ordering a dress in January and now being 8 1/2 months pregnant doesn't always work out... It's not too bad, But we'll see. The dress is pretty regardless, I just hope I get to wear it! :)

Here are my 34 week belly pictures sorry (Brittany) for not being better at this... It's just so much harder remembering to take a picture of your belly the 2nd time around, but it's just as important, so I will try to do better these last few weeks! :)

Tyler went for his 18month check up today. Yes, I realize that he is almost 20 months, but when I called to make his appointment around 18 months they didn't have an opening until now... So here we are. :) He did pretty good. Was a little whiny because of all the traumatic stuff they had to do in the ER he is a little scared of doctors. We saw Dr. Pinder. He weighed 24.7 lbs (23%), height 33 3/4" (75%), and his head circumference was in the 91%. She said he looked great and was doing very well with all his "tricks". He had to get 3 shots and did really well. He was crying as soon as David laid him on the table, but didn't cry much when they gave him the shots, so I call that good! :) Got a ball from the ball machine and headed out! Success if you ask me. :)

I just thought this was too cute. One night Ty wanted Daddy to take a bath with him, so he put on his swim trunks and got in. I think David was a little cramped, but Ty loved it! What a fun daddy he has! :)

And one more exciting thing... David's sister, Bekah and her husband Brad are expecting their first baby in October, they found out yesterday that they are having a GIRL!!! We are so so excited for them!! Lately it's been all about the boys, so we are so looking forward to buying some girly things!! She'll be the first granddaughter for them all! Such a fun time and I"m so glad that we get to be a part of it!

Okay, sorry this was such a long post, but I needed to catch up. Hope you have a great rest of the week enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts.

I have another video but it won't post for some reason, I'll work on it! :)