Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Say it isn't so...

My little man is officially 3! He asks me almost every day, "Mommy am I 3?" and I say yes, and he says, "ALL DAY???" He loves it! I can't believe he's 3. These have been some of the best years of our lives. He brings so much joy and laughter to us and everyone he's around. He has an awesome vocabulary and sometimes I think he acts much older than 3, and then he has a melt down and wants his passy and then I remember, indeed, he is 3! :)
He loves Tucker and is such a great big brother! He is doing great in school and we get compliments on him often, now that will make a mommy smile. :) I'm not saying he's perfect by any means, because none of us are, but God blessed us greatly with 2 of the most precious boys I know! :)
This year, his birthday fell on a Sunday. I took cupcakes to his school on Friday for his birthday and when I picked him up, he had this crown on... "King Tyler is 3". So I think he had a good day! Later that day we loaded up and headed to the mall. We thought it might be fun to let him "Build a bear, well he wanted a koala". He had fun doing that and even put a growling noise in it, didn't really know koalas growled, but ours does! :) Then we went to Sams for a "sample" lunch! Saturday was the big party day! I had told myself that I was going to enjoy the day and not get caught up in making everything "perfect". It turned out great and we had an awesome day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we were thankful for that. We decided to have a dinosaur party at the church. I had made all the kids dinosaur shirt party favors for them to wear at the party. I think they turned out pretty cute and only ended up costing me about $2 a shirt so I thought that was a pretty awesome deal! The kids enjoyed playing on the play ground, digging to dinosaur eggs in the dirt (eggs filled with plastic dinosaurs), eating pizza and cake and ice cream. We also had pin the horn on the dinosaur, but I think the kids were a little to young. Ty enjoyed doing it and Eliott and Chloe, but that was about it! Oh well. :) It was just a laid back party and I hope everyone enjoyed just fellowshipping and being out in the gorgeous weather. We had about 47 people there, so it was a great turnout and I enjoyed myself as much as Tyler did, I think! I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. But we are so blessed and thankful for all our family and friends. Wish more of our family was close and would have been able to have been there, but that's what happens when you live far from your family! Also, Tyler's big gift was a treehouse David and Bradley built! It's great and I know the boys will love it for years to come! They just finished it so I don't have any pictures yet, but I'll get some, so for now just think a sided upside down shooting house complete with a door, ladder, and a front porch. :) Happy Birthday my precious 3 Year old!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's been busy around our house this past week. The boys started preschool for the very first time. Tyler is going Mon-Fri 9:00-1:00 and Tucker is going Mon-Thurs 9:00-1:00. Let me tell you, they LOVE it! Tyler especially, he really enjoys it and I think is going to have a great year!
They have art and music twice a week and Spanish once a week. They get to play outside on an awesome playground and also go to the "ball room" and run their little hearts out. I am so thankful that they are enjoying it and don't cry because they have to go, because that would kill me! They both just walk right in like they own the place. Ty's only concern is that we (David and I) are going to work and not staying there. He wants to make sure it's only him and Tuck there. I guess he feels so big that way. :) Tucker's class is about 1/2 girls 1/2 boys and Tuck is right in the middle age wise. Tyler has 9 boys and 2 girls and he is next to oldest in his class. I'm sure it's very interesting for the teachers! He's already smitten by one of the girls. Her name is Sophia, but Ty says he calls her Sophie. I said "Well, what does she look like?" and he said, "Like a princess!" I can't wait to meet this Sophia! :) All in all, I think we are in the right place and I'm so thankful that God lead us here. The boys are going to miss Darla beyond words, but at least we still get to see her all the time at church! And I'm sure they will still go over and play on some days. :)
One little story about the first day. Ty had been wearing some tennis shoes the whole day before around the house so he didn't have socks on, he loved the shoes. So we are getting them dressed and ready for school and Ty wants to wear those shoes, which was fine. When we put them on with socks they were too tight and they hurt his feet, so I told him he couldn't wear them and he had a melt down. So I couldn't get a good first day pick bc he was crying and wasn't having it. Finally we convinced him to wear some other ones and by the time we got to school he was happy and had forgotten all about it! Thank goodness! :)
Now, that the weather has cooled down a bit, David has been working hard on the yard. Of course, whenever he is out there the boys want to be right by his side. Which is a good thing! So Ty has his own shovel and works and works. Tucker, well, he just does his own thing and is so precious at doing it! :)
At some point I made a lemon icebox pie and Tucker LOVED it. So I let him lick the spoon. These pics were just too cute not to post. :)
I'm busy getting a dinosaur party ready for this weekend! I can't believe it but this little man is turning 3! So my next post will be all about that! I can't wait. He's getting a tree house built by David and Bradley (Sarah's fiance), but Shhh... Don't tell! :)
Hope everyone has an awesome week!!