Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter in Ohio...

So this past Thursday, David, Ty, Sarah, and I took off for Ohio after work. We drove to West Virginia to stay with Will, Bonnie, and the kids for the night. It's half way to Ohio, so it's a perfect stopping place and we always enjoy our short visit while we are there. Friday morning got up, ate some breakfast and then hit the road to grandmas. We ended up getting there around 1:00 right before a huge storm hit, we were actually running in the house as the rain started pouring down. :) We had a great lunch. Melanie, Jenna, and Jacob had also just arrived so we enjoyed visiting with everyone. A little later we headed back to Kenton. David's mom had planned a cook-out. Bless her heart she was so not feeling well, but put on a happy face for us all. Brad, Bekah, Zach, Carmen, and Kevin came up to also eat with us. We sat around and visited with each other. It was a fun night. We also stuffed eggs for the Easter egg hunt the next day. Needless to say, Ty ate WAY too much of the candy that night because we could not get him to go to bed till midnight, he was sweet, but just wasn't tired. Saturday we got up, had a yummy breakfast and then headed down to grandma's for lunch and the egg hunt. The lunch was so good as always, we had ham, green beans, hash brown casserole, homemade bread, and salad. It was oh so good. After lunch, Ty went down for a nap and we (the big kids) hid all the eggs outside. I'm telling you there were LOTS of eggs, I'm not sure exactly how many but at least a few hundred. Then we let the kids have at it. They ran and ran and still after they all had filled their buckets a few times came in to check out their loot. Brian and David went back out and found at least 20 more. Ty slept through the whole thing so when we got up we had a little Easter egg hunt for him in the living room and he was so excited to find candy in them! Of course, he didn't need any more candy, but we left him have it anyway. Then, David and I headed to Zach and Carmen's for some pizza and to visit with them one last time, and Mike (paw paw), Brenda (Grama), and Sarah (ra ra) took Ty back to the house. We had a good visit and then headed back to the house to find them having a pizza party and watching The Squeakquel. They said they had a blast and I'm so glad that Ty was good for them. He's been a little attached to me lately. I'm not sure why and as much as I love that he loves me, I really hope it's just a phase that he's this attached. :)
Then Sunday we got up for church and then headed to grandma's for some left overs. It was just as good the second time around. After lunch we hit the road. Let me tell you Tyler was an angel the whole time. He only slept about one hour the entire trip, but he was awesome. We played, watched movies, hid under blankets, and looked for cows. :) It was a great trip. Never long enough, but we enjoyed every minute of it and are so thankful for all our family and friends and getting to spend time with them. Tyler, by the way, loves Mike and has started calling him paw paw. It's the most precious thing to hear him say it.. I'll try to get it on video so you all can hear it. :)
We had a great weekend and ended up stretching Easter way longer than expected, but it was all fun and great memories were made, now if all the candy would just disappear, that would be nice!
Hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

David's Birthday Weekend...

So here we are with another weekend update... This past week we had a great week. The weather was gorgeous and we went to the park about everyday after work. It was very nice and relaxing. Thursday night Ty started running a low grade fever around 99 or so. We didn't really think much about it because he often runs a little fever when he's cutting teeth. Friday morning, I went ahead and took him to the doctor just in case since we were having a bunch of people over that night for David's birthday. I surely didn't want to get anyone sick, if he was sick. The doctor checked him out and said everything looked good, so I really didn't worry much about it. I went ahead and took him to Darla's house. She said he was really good all day, just a little tired and really just wanted to lay around, but he wasn't fussy or anything. So we headed home to get ready for the cookout. We had a great time. There was great friends, great food, and great fellowship there and I really enjoyed being all together and I think David had a great time too. Tyler had fun with everyone being there and was super goofy the entire time. Around 9:30 after everyone had left, he started getting a little fussy so I took his temp and it was around 101, I think. So I gave him some Motrin and he went to sleep. He slept all night so I figured he was good. Saturday we met up with Candace and her mom and headed to the mall in Greensboro. We had a fun time and Tyler was good. He really didn't eat Friday or Saturday, and I kept trying to give him fluids, but he didn't seem to want it. He kept falling asleep while we were driving home, but he would kind of moan and couldn't really get to sleep. So, when we got home I took him temp again and it was 103. I called the doctor and they were already closed for the day. After talking to them and telling them everything, they really thought we should go to the ER because he was not eating or drinking and they thought he could have a bladder infection/UTI or something else. So we packed up and headed over. When we got there his temperature was 104. I was kind of freaking out. I just kept thinking about what awful things it could be and it didn't make since that he keeps getting sick... So they had to do a catheter (which was pure awful, David had to hold him down, and I couldn't watch) to get some urine to test. Then they took him back to do a chest xray, which David said was also so traumatic, because they have to strap him to this board with his arms above his head. I, of course, had to leave the room because I'm pregnant, but I don't think I could have stayed anyway. So after that we headed back to our cube. The air was broken and there was no TV or anything. We were there all in all for 5 hours. It was pure exhausting. Tyler kept falling asleep and at one point we got this picture and he looks like a precious angel. He had his hands crossed like he was praying. It made my heart smile. :) After about 3 hours into the process, they come and tell us that the lab lost his urine sample. I was about to go ballistic until she told me that that has happened before, so she always takes 2 samples when she does it the first time. So thank goodness. So a couple hours after that they said all the test came back normal, he must just have a virus..... I was still really upset because at this point I wanted answers. But no, they just sent us home. So the rest of the night we just sat around and I cuddled with the little man. It wasn't till we got home that we realized through this whole process they didn't even draw blood. That made me mad again, because they would know it was a virus or not by drawing blood. But they didn't. So Sunday, Ty and I stayed at home and pretty much just laid around, played outside for a little while. He still had about 102 temp the whole day. David had lots to do at church that day and was super stressed. I felt so sorry for him!! But we managed and got through Sunday. He still had not had a wet diaper so that was really bothering me, so David called the Dr and got another appt for Monday morning. Sunday night after David got home from church Ty finally perked up. We got him to eat some of David's birthday cake and some cheerios, which in turn made him drink. I felt so much better that night because he was actually starting to seem like he felt a little better. David got some cute pics of him that night. David is trying to teach him the "I love you" sign, but instead he always just does the "OK" sign. It's hilarious. But it's his way of doing it. Tyler slept good Sunday night because he slept in my bed. Of course every hour he would wake up screaming, I don't know if it was that something was hurting or he was having a bad dream, but he did that the entire time he was sick. Monday, was David's birthday. I headed to work because I had an important meeting, and David stayed with Ty. He took him to our Dr and had a very thorough exam. Dr. Bell, said it was definitely a virus but that he thought it was at the very end of it. I felt OK with the diagnose coming from him because I know he's a great Dr. Tyler didn't run a fever the whole day. David said they had a really good day. So that night when I got off work, we headed to Candace and Bryan's for some yummy supper she cooked and then headed to the ball field to watch David's first softball game of the season. We had a great time and Tyler loved being able to be outside and run around at last! I hated that David's birthday fell at such a crummy time, but that's how it goes now a days. :) We are so thankful for him and what a wonderful daddy he is!! He takes care of us and provides for us with all that he has! We are so incredible blessed to have him!! Happy Birthday Baby!!!
So, I'm knocking on wood and thanking everyone for their prayers, but I think we are finally over that nasty thing. It was a really tough weekend for us, but I'm just thankful for family and friends that called and checked on us and for all the prayers that got us through it. I know it might sound silly because it was "just a virus", but seriously I was a basket case! Could be the pregnancy or the lack of sleep, but lets just say we are so thankful to have that behind us!!
We are looking forward to going to Ohio this weekend to visit David's family.
Sorry this was so long and detailed, but I wanted to have all the details so one day I can look back and remember that "this too shall pass!"
Hope everyone is having a great week!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My little, big boy...

So this is what my child's hair looked like Sunday. Yes, he needed a hair cut, but I was thinking more of a TRIM.... Got a text on Monday at work from David saying that Ty got a hair cut!!! When I got home I wasn't too happy with the way the place cut it. It was super short on the sides and a streak of long in the middle with splotches all around, so David had to fix it and this is the end result... Of Course I still think he is adorable, but he looks 5 and that makes me sad!!!

It's a good summer cut and I think it makes Ty act older too, but boy does he look different. People at church last night didn't even recognize him! ;(

So, let me know what you think... but if it's bad don't tell me cause there is nothing I can do about it now and I might cry! I am pregnant, you know! :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter week and weekend...

We had a great time with my family being here! Tyler I know LOVED it and learned A LOT too, I'm sure! :) They really enjoyed each other and pretty much stayed outside the entire time. Thank goodness we had pretty weather or it would have been bad. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family! I enjoyed the extra company and being able to have fun lunch dates. They kept Ty all week which was a great help to us! I wish we lived closer so that the kids could grow up together, but we do a pretty good job of getting together often. :) Well, to continue with the last post....
Wednesday we met Barbara, Bekah, and the kids at Tanglewood Park for lunch. The kids had a blast playing together and so did the mamas. :) That night we had church and then headed back to the house for the nightly bath routine. Tyler must be a bath snob because he wanted to bath all to himself, silly thing!
Thursday, they went shopping for mom a dress and met them again for lunch. Then I headed back to work and was home shortly after. Thursday night we just hung out and enjoyed being together. Friday morning we decided that the Easter bunny needed to make his delivery so that the kids could enjoy their baskets before they had to leave. They did indeed enjoy them and gots lots of fun stuff! After that we headed to grab lunch and take it to Hathaway Park, only to find out when we got there, there was a group of about 200 people there, so we decided to take our lunch to the church play ground. The kids had fun and we got some really cute pictures. After that we headed back to the house to let Ty take a nap and then Mandy and I took the kids over to Barbara's to play with her kids. They loved it and we painted a "chalkboard" thing for Ty's room. Later, Mom came over and we had a crab leg, shrimp, potatoes, and corn feast that David fixed for us. It was delicious. I forgot my camera, but boy was it good! Then we headed back home to work in Tucker's room for a bit. We got some things done, but still have a little ways to go. :)
Saturday we got up and headed to Tanglewood Park. They were having a festival thing out there for Easter and a fundraiser for Lillie's Friends. It was alot of fun. There were tons of people but the kids did get to play a few games and then they had a 5000 egg, egg hunt. They had them divided into age groups, but still the eggs were all picked up in less than 2 minutes, I would bet. They had fun. Then we headed to McDonalds for lunch and to let them play on the playground. Afterwards, back home for naps and then we headed to look for suits for the boys for the wedding, but no such luck. Then we went to Pancho Villas for dinner. It was a fun day, but sad to see it end, cause that meant they had to pack up and get ready to leave. :(
Sunday, they were gone around 5:30 am. We got up headed to church and then went to Barbara's for lunch. It was delicious. It was us, the Trinh's, Bradley's, and the Best's. We had a great fellowship and yummy food. We finally got a decent family picture. We all had purple one, well except for Ty because he didn't want to wear his precious tie Nana bought him!
After lunch we headed home for naps.
It was a great Easter and a very memorable week. I'm so thankful that my family got to come and be here the whole week! Thanks for driving here and spending the whole week with us! We LOVED every second of it!
Now, we're looking forward to heading to Ohio in a couple of weeks.
Only 10 weeks left till Tucker's due date and I know its going to FLY by!!

Hope you enjoy all the pictures! I sure do!!