Thursday, April 30, 2009

M.I.C.--K.E.Y M.O.U.S.E

Wednesday night, April 8th, we flew down to Sanford/Orlando from Greensboro. We got there around 9:30 rented a car and drove to Orlando (about 30 minutes) where my family was waiting for us. They went down earlier that day and went to Sea World. We got there and then David headed to the store to get some things. We all got ready for bed. Thursday morning we all got up pretty slow and got ready to go to Magic Kingdom! We were all really excited only to find out when we got there that they had already shut down the park.. It was filled to capacity. What now? We had already purchased our tickets online, little chance they were going to give us our money back so we headed to Hollywood Studios. And actually it was great. We had fun, the weather was perfect, it was crowded, but not unbearable. We got to ride the Star Wars ride and the Tower of Terror. The other rides were way to long. Austin had a BLAST on the rides, we just wish he could have ridden more. He loves scary things. He was so stinkin cute on the Tower of terror.. David made sure to tell him to not scream like a girl although he (and D) "watched" the bags and Ty of course. ;) We watched The Little Mermaid which was cute and Madi LOVED! She kept saying.."my ariel!". Priceless. The boys went and watched Indiana Jones. Then we met up and watched Beauty and the Beast which was so cute. Ty and Madi both crashed and Nana to Austin to "Honey I shrunk the kids" land cause he wasn't too interested in Belle! ;) We had a great lunch (1/2 price at that because Magic Kingdom gave us some coupons), enjoyed being together, and just soaked it all in. We decided to head out of the park and get a nice dinner somewhere. We ended up at Red Lobster right by our hotel... Bad move we didn't get our food till 10:00, we were all full by then because we scarfed down the garlic cheese biscuits and our drinks. Needless to say, we wasted a lot of food and time that night. Although it really wasn't wasted because it was nice outside so we just let the kids play and we enjoyed resting on the benches. Then home for baths and bed! We got some really cute pictures throughout the whole day...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break...

No, I don't get spring break anymore, but yes my family does and they love us enough to come spend the whole week in NC, when everyone knows you're suppose to go to Florida for spring break... but I'm very thankful they came here!
I was so excited for them to get here. I hadn't seem them in a while and was very anxious for them to finally get here and get to spend a whole week! I knew that it might be difficult for them to be in the house all week and "try" to find something to do, besides cleaning of course... So I made them a "Week of Fun" book, filled with things to do each day of the week. Monday they took the kids to get their pictures taken all together. I think they turned out pretty cute, of course with their ages you can't expect too much, but I think we were pretty satisfied. We got Austin to cooperate and be the leader by promising a fishing trip at the Branch's farm if they did good. Of course, he was super excited about that and smiled for everyone of them! So sure enough after pictures. We went home, grabbed some lunch, got Eliott, Austin's favorite NC friend and headed to the pond. It was a gorgeous day so we all just laid out on a blanket while the boys fished, threw rocks, giggled, and had the best time. They really are great buds and have so much fun together, if only they lived closer!!
After about 3 hours of fishing we headed to the Trinh's for dinner (a Monday/Tuesday... ritual for my family) ;)
Then home for baths and to crash.

Tuesday was suppose to be Greensboro Children's Museum day, but since it was suppose to be the last "pretty" day, they ended up going to Krispy Kreme and watching the doughnuts be made and had a few of course. Went to the book store and got some treats and then to McDonald's, since it was too cold to have a picnic at the park, home for naps and then had Mexican for dinner. Wednesday, they went to the Children's Museum and seemed to have a blast. I've never gone, but they spent hours there and had the best time. Home again for naps then Austin went to Eliott's to play till church. Church that night then home to crash.
Thursday, was suppose to be movie day, but the movie they wanted to see didn't come out till Friday, so I came home 1/2 day and we ran errands and got some stuff that I needed for the shower I had at my house Saturday. So we just hung out the rest of the day, went to dinner and just have fun being all together. That night David took Austin to Chuck E Cheese and they had a blast came home with about 7 cotton candies and who knows what else! We skyped "D" that night cause he was missing everyone and they all had a blast getting to see him!
My house was a total wreck with the kitchen project going on. Seriously everything in my kitchen was in my living room, a total mess! They were troopers and didn't let it bother them!
They got up real early on Friday morning and headed home. I wasn't ready for them to leave, but knew they would feel better if they got everything "in order" before heading back to school Monday. Thanks for coming we had a blast with you here and can't wait till Easter!!
So Friday night, David and I both stayed up till 5 am getting the kitchen back in order because I was having about 25 ladies at my house Saturday morning for a wedding shower. Boy were we tired, but we actually had somewhat fun and enjoyed being able to be together for that long. So it wasn't too bad. I actually recovered quite quickly from not having any sleep. God works in mysterious ways. ;) So needless to say, the week was great and we had a great time with the family being here!!! We are so blessed!

Great News....

Some of my best friends Kelly and Ryan have been trying to have a baby for many years now. They have tried pretty much everything and decided to try In-Vitro (mentioned in my last blog)... March 23, you guessed it... They're PREGNANT!!! We are so excited for them and are praying that everything goes great for them. We love you Kelly and Ryan and are so excited for you!!

You think you're happy holding little Jake... Just wait till that is Baby Key!!! Can't wait to meet him/her!!! :)

Trip to Birmingham...

So I took a trip to Birmingham to visit some friends a couple of weeks ago and still haven't taken the pictures off my camera, the reason for the delay, but I couldn't wait any longer. I stole some of Ash's pics off of Facebook and will add mine when I ever get around to getting them off my camera. Anyway...
We left Friday afternoon (Ty and I) from Greensboro, and then flew to Charlotte and then to Birmingham. We were so excited because we were going to see Jake for the first time and of course some of my best friends live there, which some had never met Tyler, so it was a much needed trip. We arrived around 5:00 and Kelly, Ashley, and Jake were there to greet us. From there we went to Kelly's and then to eat at Mama Goldberg's (one of our favs from Auburn). After that we headed to Ashley's parents house for the night and Kelly stayed the night which was a fun treat. We just stayed up late talking and having a blast just being together again. Tyler did great on the plane and the rest of the weekend and he got a special treat because he got to sleep in the same bed with me because for some weird reason he didn't much care for the crib.

So Saturday morning, Ashley's mom cooked us a great breakfast and we just laid around pretty much all morning. It was raining outside, so there was not much we could do and plus we really just wanted to relax. Side note, we stayed at Ashley's parents house because that's where she is living right now while Nolan does a internship in Montgomery..
Kelly was in the middle of In-vitro, she had the embryos implanted the Thursday before I got there, so we also wanted to keep it low key for her so she could rest and hopefully let that baby/babies find a comfy spot! ;)
So by mid afternoon we had to get out, so we decided, as always, to go to Snow-Biz and have a snow cone, a favorite of ours. Then we shopped around at a couple shops and then headed back to the house for some homemade Lasagna. After dinner, Ryan and Kelly went home, and we just sat around and talked the rest of the night. We ended up going to bed pretty early because we were so tired from our "crazy" day. ;) Sunday morning, up for church and no power till about 20 minutes before we left, be we all seemed to manage. After church we went to eat Mexican with Kelly and Ryan and Rick and Brooke. It was fun just all being together. That afternoon we wanted to go for a walk or do something half way productive, but it was still raining and the boys were sleeping, so we didn't want to wake them! ;)
Church again and then out to eat a Jason's deli and then we said our goodbyes because we were leaving on Monday.

Monday, we got to meet Katie and Daniel for lunch on their way to Nashville for spring break, so that was a fun treat. Then we went back home and had a photo shoot with the boys in their matching outfits that Ash's mom had given them. Then they took us to the airport. ;(
We had a great trip and it was so good to be with my girls again, but we were ready to see "daddy" and he was ready to see us, I think.

While we were gone it was David's idea to redo our kitchen, I mean, from top to bottom. Honestly, I knew it would take longer than a weekend, but he has high standards for himself and figured he could do it. It did take 2 weeks longer, but looks amazing and I'm so thankful for a wonderful handy husband!!! He painted the cabinets which were a dark wood, tiled the counter tops, which were just the standard lament?, made a "glasses" shelf, and put wood floors down. It honestly looks amazing, oh and he also spray painted our fridge black to match all of our other appliances. For all those not sure that would work, I was with you too, and amazingly it does work and it looks great! So after much cleaning and very long nights of staying up till the next morning (once for me, about 20 times for David) it's pretty much complete! (these pictures were taken right after a shower at my house, just in case you were wondering who Bryan and Candace were).