Monday, June 23, 2008

It's summer time!!

So, it's officially summer and actually it has cooled down a TAD bit. Not much, but cooler than a few weeks ago! :) We definitely are in the full swing of summer and enjoying most of my family being off for summer vacation, because that means they have more time to spend with me!!! First I will catch up with belly pictures. Here is my 26 week belly. It really got bigger this week!

Since, I had all my shower gifts, Mandy, Austin, and Madi drove me home to North Carolina. They were here all last week and are here till I think Wednesday. I love having them here and am going to SO miss them! It is so fun to catch them for lunch or for them to be waiting at the door for me when I get home. It's such a fun feeling. We really have had a blast since they have been here. I don' t know if Mandy will agree, since she's been at the house ALOT, but I think she would. :) We have gone to the pool, walked to get icecream, made about 1,000 paper airplanes, because that is what Austin is majorly into right now! Played with "the kids" as Austin would say, went fishing, ate alot, and just spent time together, which is the best of all! They really have been great and have adjusted pretty good to our time zone here. Which is going to bed lots later than usual and sleeping till about 9 or 10. Here is a picture of Madi being her precious self with Uncle David's hat on and one that is just priceless, it is just a "classic" picture to me! We didn't even tell her to pose like that! :)

And here is a classic of Austin with a very well invested $5 Wal-Mart clearance toy. It's actually pretty cool! It's a bow and it has a target that floats on water that you use nerf arrows for. It's really neat. He just loves it and I'm pretty sure Eliott and he shot lots of "bad guys" yesterday at my house with it! I never knew there were so many around my house!! (Eliott came to play all day after church and boy did they have a blast.) It was hilarious, by the end of they day Austin was so tired he was crying because Eliott couldn't come to his birthday party. (Which is at the end of July in Florida!!) Hilarious! So needless to say, he's made a new friend!

Saturday, we all, including my great friend Sarah, went to the Branch's farm to do some fishing, which is Austin's all time favorite. First cast, huge bass! He is a great fisherman and really did good. I think we were there for about 1 1/2 hours and he caught at least 10 fish. He even caught a catfish, which Sarah said she had not ever seen anyone catch a catfish out there! Boy was Austin excited. He was so cute! We all just sat and watch him. Even Madi was a trooper, she was hot a tired, but managed to let "bubba" have a good time! Here are a few pics, one of him reeling one in and then showing off his prize. He wanted us to take one everytime he caught a fish, so we have quite a few pics. I'll post some different ones as soon as I get them from my sister. We didn't catch this on camera, but the last fish he caught he was trying to "set him free" and slipped in the mud into the pond. It was so funny, but we assured him that you're really not a great fisherman unless you get dirty, so after that, he was pretty proud of himself! :)

So that has pretty much summed up our week. I did get to see my hubby for a few hours before he was off again. I sure do miss him, but he's having a blast and will be back before I know it!

Oh one last thing. Tyler is stubborn, I have concluded. The whole week last week he was moving and kicking like crazy! Well, I hadn't felt him since Saturday morning, so I started to get a little worried. So this morning, I called the dr. and she said to drink a coke and in about 30 minutes lay down and see if he moves. So, I did. I was at work, so I just shut my door and laid on the floor. Still nothing, so I called back at 10 and she said come on in and lets just make sure everything is ok. I then got a little worried. I headed up there and sat in the waiting room for 1 hour. It was crazy in there, but Bekah was there too, so I did get a little conversation in before she was called back. Then after the hour, I got called back. The heartbeat sounded great and dr. said he was measuring good. But wanted to do a stress test, just in case, for reassurance. So after another 30 minute wait and another coke. I was called back. On those test, they have to measure 10 movements before they stop the test, so after 45 minutes we only had 6 or 7 movements, she went and asked the dr if everything looked fine, and she said it did, so they unhooked me and honestly as soon as she did, Tyler moved about 10 times, majorly! That is when I discovered that Tyler must take after his dad, although David might beg to differ! :) Either way, he gets it honestly and he's perfectly fine! So that was the excitement for today. And before another week passes (starting Wed.) I must post my 27 week picture. Can't believe we are less than 3 months away!! Yay. We are enjoying these last few months, as everyone with children has told me. But sure are excited to see that precious little face! Until more news... Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A weekend in Florida

Well, I finally made it home Friday night around 6:45. My flights were pretty good. I had about a 45 minute delay in Atlanta, but it wasn't as bad as I made it out to be at the time. I was just dying to get home and didn't want to be stuck in an airport. Tyler was going crazy on the flight, he was turning and flipping. It was really neat to feel him though.
When I arrived in Pensacola, I was anxiously greeted by my family. Dad, Mom, Mandy, Brittany, Austin, Madi, GG, and Hannah. We then went to Sonny's to eat cause everyone was starving. We pretty much hung out the rest of the night and just visited.
Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to go garage sale shopping. We found some really fun stuff and managed to get it all inside the truck just seconds before the down pour. We went to LaHa for lunch and then went to GG's to play games. We did that most of the day, and then had an awesome steak dinner that night. Dad was alot like David and couldn't wait for his father's day gifts, so we did them Saturday night and had a scavenger hunt planned out for him. It was fun just all being together and laughing. I miss those time oh so much. We randomly took pics with dad and with the fam, so yes we are looking rough, but it's us, so there is not much I can say to dispute them. :)

Then Sunday we got up and went to church. Mandy teaches the nursery so I always go in there when I'm home cause I just love those babies. Here's a random pic from that.
Then after church we had the usual awesome dinner at GG's with roast, gravy, homemade rolls, fresh squash, fresh beans, corn, and gg's peach cobbler! What a treat it is to get to eat on Sunday with my family! So after lunch we got ready for my first baby shower!! It was a lot of fun and so fun to sit a visit with some of my best old friends! All the hostesses, were my friends growing up and there mothers who are like mother's to me.
And here is a picture of the food table and most of the gifts before they were rushed into the car before a huge rain storm!! :)

So, Monday we got up (Mandy, Austin, Madi, and I) and headed for North Carolina. We really did have a great trip and didn't hit much traffic at all. The kids were awesome, didn't cry at all and I think that's awesome for a 1.5 and 5 year old!! So every time we pray Austin has been saying, "We are glad that we made it home safely, and that we made it in one day!" For some reason he keeps thinking that usually it takes them longer than one day. Then Mandy also told me this morning that she told him they were going to go to Wal-Mart, and he said, "Oh man, that will take too long!" Until she informed him that we have a Wal-Mart in North Carolina too! :) Precious. So I am so enjoying having them here with me this week! David is gone and it is a wonderful blessing to have them stay with me. :) Just to let you know where David is. He is gone to Lipscomb this whole week. He took the kids to "Impact" there. It started Monday and will end Saturday. Then he leaves for an Atlanta Mission Trip on Sunday morning and will be there till Thursday and then we leave Thursday night for Ohio, for David's cousin Jillian's wedding! Boy will he be tired!!

Okay that is about all the updating I have at this point. Hopefully soon, I will have pics of the nursery, if my stinkin crib will ever come in!! I've cancelled one order and have ordered it again from a different store, so we will see if they can ship it any faster! :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Ty-La

As Millie likes to say! :) It's precious to hear her say it!
I'm going to post his last ultrasound picture, although it's not as clear on here, as the first ones were, maybe you'll get the picture though. One is of his profile and you can see his little ears (not so little) and his big precious head (although I like to think the picture was widened a little), its precious anyway. I did ask the dr if his head was measuring right and she said yes, he's right on track, and that everyone asks her that! :) And the other one is of his massive foot. It's really surprising I'm not feeling him as much as I think I should for him to have such big features. I guess it's all in perspective. Who knows? But I can't wait to see that precious little boy in real life!! :) These were taken at 25 weeks, she said he was about 1lb 12oz and around 14", but who knows how accurate that really is! :) Oh and by the way, we were looking at David's baby pictures the other night and Tyler's mouth profile, looks just like David when he was little. Sorry it's a little hard to see!

And one more thing my sister sent me these pictures and I must share. I mean does it get any more adorable than this? This is Madi (my niece) she is 20 months old (as of yesterday!)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The heat is here!!!

It isn't even officially summer yet, and boy is it hot!!! Everyday this week it has been around 98 degrees! It's incredibly hot and muggy! I can't believe it has happened so soon! But we are trying to adjust and go to the pool as much as possible!!!

This weekend was not any different than the rest, but we actually did some fun stuff that we haven't done before. Well, it started on Thursday when Sarah, David's sister came into town. We went to the pool and hung out while David was busy working on the graduation slide show, for Sunday. We hung out the rest of the night, went to David's softball game and then finally turned into bed around 1:00am!!

Friday, we worked all day while Sarah got to hang out with her dad and step mom, Jenni. We all met for lunch and then they went shopping. We went back to work and then after headed to Emily and Stephen's graduation at Forsyth Country Day School. It was a good graduation, and thank heavens it was in the gym. Still hot, but not nearly as bad as outside. Here is a pic of us and the graduates.

After graduation, we went with the Branch's to eat at Millners. It was delicious and we had a great time all together. After dinner at 10:00, David went to the Chunn's to work again on the slide show and I went and picked up Sarah and headed to Wal-Mart. I needed a "spray fan" for the next day's activities. So after that excursion we finally got in bed around 12:30.

The alarm went off at 5:45am (yes on a Saturday!!) we were all (us and the youth group) headed to Charlotte for a day at the National Olympic training center. They have white water rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, low and high ropes courses, and a few more activities I can't think of. We left the church building around 7:00 in a 15 passenger van! Note, there were 16.5 of us. So David, Sarah, Shanna, and I (4.5 of us) shared the front seat, needless to say we were a little cramped for the 1.5 hour car ride, but it wasn't too bad. At least all the kids had a seat! :)

When we arrived we were set to do the low ropes course. Which is meant for team building and learning communication skills. We had a blast and the kids were awesome!! I cannot tell you how proud of them we were! Here is a couple pictures from that excursion. They really don't do justice for what we had to do, but just ask if you want more details. It was awesome!

I went and picked up Subway for lunch while they were in the middle of pushing everyone up a straight vertical 25' wall. It was amazing and I hated to miss it, but everyone was getting really hungry! :) So they finished there activities and then we had lunch. Everyone was hot and hungry but so proud of themselves. No one was complaining, it was great!

So after lunch, more fun was in store. We were going white water rafting, of course, I tried but they wouldn't let me, but it was still fun watching them. There was a trail that went around the rapids, so I walked around and tried to get some pics of them. Here is some shots that were taken. We had 3 rafts of 5 people, so they were split up. Also, I got a great group shot!!

So after the 2 hour rafting trip, everyone was pretty wiped out. They all changed into dry clothes and we all headed home. Needless to say it was a much quieter trip on the way back to Winston Salem.

When we got back home, I was dying to get in the water since I didn't get to all day, so Sarah and I headed to the pool. It was so very relaxing! Then we met David for dinner. We did get in bed that night around 11:30, so that was nice.

Sunday was filled with church and then the graduation luncheon. It was so nice and the video that David and Brian Chunn did was amazing. They did an awesome job! After that we all went home and crashed for about 3 hours. It was nice taking a nap, although I always feel guilty taking a nap when it's pretty outside, but we needed it! After church that night we went to eat with a huge group from church and then we went back to our house and some of the kids came over to hang out till about 11:30, so off to bed around 12! What a way to end the weekend!
We had a blast and was so glad that Sarah got to be with us, but I think she was ready to get back home so she could get some rest! :)
And I must post my 25 week belly picture! Tyler is definitely getting bigger! You know that feeling when you have eaten way too much and your belly feels so uncomfortable, like it's going to pop... Well, that is what I feel like 24/7. But at least I know he's growing and he's just trying to get a little more room! :)

And last but not least, I just thought this picture was funny, I don't know if it's from the heat or the lack of sleep. :)

We didn't plan it we just both did those silly faces! :)
I'm going home this weekend for the first time in 6 months and I am so super excited!!!! I have my shower there on Sunday, so I will have lots to post next week!! And nursery pictures soon to come!! :) Life is Good!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Travel Excursion...

Well, it all began on Thursday afternoon. David picked me up after work from a meeting in Hickory, NC and we head to Chattanooga, TN (about 6 hours away). We had a good trip there and arrived around 8:45. We visited with my Aunt Kate and Uncle Gary. (That is my grandmother's sister and her husband). We hated we didn't get to see their girls and all the young-uns, but we didn't get there till after their bedtime. We had a great visit, just talked ate some of her famous oatmeal cookies, and headed to bed.
Friday morning we woke up and headed to Florence, AL (about 3.5 hours away). We also had a good trip there. Got there around 2, so we checked into the hotel and headed to the mall, to waste some time. Then we headed to the rehearsal around 5:30. After that they had a Hawaiian Luau at Amy's (the bride) aunts house.
A couple side notes:
1. I graduated with Amy and Mack (the bride and groom) from Auburn. We all had the same major.
2. David couldn't find the camera so we didn't get to take any pictures the whole weekend! So some of the pictures on here were taken from various places. :)
So here is a picture of Amy and Mack at the Luau.
So after that we went back to the hotel for bed. Saturday we woke up fairly early so we could eat breakfast and then I had to be at the church around 9:30. So David dropped me off and then headed back to the hotel to go to the pool! :) We got ready and took pictures and then the wedding started at 2. Like I said, I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of the bridesmaids, maybe someone will post some soon! :) Okay, here's one:

Here are some pics from the wedding:

She was a gorgeous bride and they looked so happy!!!

So then the reception was at a pond there in town. It was gorgeous and they had wonderful food! Here is a picture of their first dance.

We had to leave the reception a little early because we needed to get on the road. We were headed from Huntsville, AL for the rest of the night (about 1.5 hours away). We got to Russell and Talitha's house right around 6:30. They were all there, with an wonderful dinner ready for us. Russell grilled pork tenderloins, it was delicious! Talitha made hashbrown casserole, salad, and something else, I can't remember, but it was awesome! So after dinner with Russell, Talitha, Kyle, Daniel, Lori, and Brock, we headed to the back porch (which is on a gorgeous golf course) and relaxed a little. Then we all took a walk on the golf path, the scenery is amazing there! We had a really good time catching up with everyone and David really enjoyed getting to know them better. And Brock, the little boy, let me tell you is the sweetest thing ever! We enjoyed him so very much! After our walk we came back for a dessert made my Lori, it was strawberry pound cake with, fresh strawberries, real whipped cream and almonds, it was beautiful and so yummy!! David said it was way too pretty to eat! Too bad I didn't have my camera, once again! :) I'm going to attach a picture of that whole side of the family, so you have a clue who I'm talking about, although we didn't get to see them all, it was a wonderful time and I'm so glad it worked out for us to come!

Kyle and David played guitar hero, which Kyle clearly won, but Russell and I had a good time sitting back laughing at them. :) Then we visited a little more and headed to bed. Woke up to another wonderful breakfast that Talitha made, french toast with cream cheese and preserves, and bacon, which David loves. So, after breakfast we headed back on our trek to North Carolina and they headed to church. It only took us 7 hours, so we were very thankful for that! David of course drove and was sweet enough to let me sleep a little, actually he probably slipped me some benadryl because I tend to bug him a little while he's driving! :)

But anyway, we made it back in time for church and then came home and crashed. Another successful crazy weekend! And summer has only just begun! :)

And I almost forgot.. My 24 week belly picture. As soon as I scan Tyler's new pictures from Monday, I will post those too. We didn't get near as good ones as we did last time, but you can tell he is getting bigger. He's adorable! :)