Friday, August 27, 2010

Maternity Leave

I'm going to try not to leave anything out, but I know I will....
The next week is kind of a blur. Mom was with me and it was awesome to have her stay for such a long time. I absolutely loved every minute of it!!
We took Tucker back to the doctor for a weight check and he was at 7lbs, so that was awesome because he was sleeping so good at night we needed to make sure he was gaining weight and he was. :) So, I just continued to let him sleep at night. He would eat about every 2-3 hours in the day and then at night go for at least 5. It was so nice. Many mornings I would wake up about 4:00 and feed him and then go back to bed and we would all sleep till 9 or 10. We got really spoiled. We went out and about several times to the mall, Target, playground, and pool. We got into a routine where we would get up around 9:30 feed Tucker and then head to the pool till about 12, when Tucker was ready to eat again, have lunch and then take naps. We did that for probably 2 weeks. It was awesome!! Sadly mom had to go back to Florida because they were chomping at the bits to get her back! She left on Wednesday and David's mom got here the night before. It was great. But I started to get Mastitis the night before mom left, so I called the dr and he called me in some antibiotics so that was nice. I felt better the next day.
It was great having Brenda here. She loved being with the boys. Ty really got spoiled while the grandmas were here. But he was doing great adjusting to everything. Saturday night I was up pretty much all night with fever and achy to wake up having mastitis again. I was still on my antibiotics. I called the dr and they said to try to pump through it. I pretty much slept all day. Thank goodness Brenda was here, I don't know what I would have done!! Mike flew in Sunday afternoon so she took Ty to the airport to get him.
It was so fun having them all here. Mike and David worked most of the time fixing the playground for the backyard. It turned out great, it was just too hot to play on it. :) One afternoon we went to the movies to see Toy Story 3 in 3D. Ty loved it and pretty much watched the whole thing. He kept his glasses on about 3/4 of the time, so that was good. Tucker did pretty good, I just took him out once to change him and finish feeding him his bottle. It was a fun little trip, then that night we all went to eat dinner.
We hated to see them leave, but knew it was time to figure out how to do this on our own, and actually it went really smoothly.
The next couple of weeks we pretty much just hung out and went for short day trips here and there between Tucker's feedings. The first Wal-Mart trip was successful and I was pretty proud of myself to get them both in and out and no one was crying. :)
Brittany got to fly in and stay a couple of days before the rest of the family arrived. We picked her up from the airport and it was so good having her here. She was a big help and I enjoyed making our friendship stronger that week. It was good. Ty loved her being here and at his beckon call. :) We didn't do much but it was fun just being together. Then a few days later the rest of the family came. It was absolutely awesome having everyone together, except Brad and GG of course. We really just hung out and loved being together. That hasn't happened in a LONG time! So then on Sunday, David left for camp for the week. Dad, mom, and Britt left on Wednesday to head to Ohio and Mandy and the kids stayed with me the rest of the week. Ty absolutely adores Austin and Madi and it was fun having them together making memories. The kids were kind of scared of Tucker, but by the end of the week, Madi was a pro at holding him! Mandy kept all the kids Saturday night so David and I could go on a date. Dinner at J. Butlers and a trip to Wal-Mart...perfect! :) Mandy of course is a pro and did great with the kids. We celebrated Austin's 8th Birthday on Sunday. Lunch at Kimono's with church friends and dinner at LaCarreta with most of the same friends. He got sang to both times. :) I think he had a great Birthday. The night before he went with Jeff and Eliott to the Dash baseball game, so all in all I think he loves coming to KiKi's house! :)
They left Monday morning and headed to Atlanta to go to the Aquarium and to the Coke Factory. So they were excited, but we were so sad to see them leave!!
2 weeks after that, David left for a mission trip to Costa Rica and the night before Ty came down with a high fever! I was sad because I knew Ash and Jake couldn't come with Ty sick. I took him to the dr on Tues and they said it was a virus. Thank goodness he was over it by Thursday and they were able to come on Saturday. It was so fun having her here. I haven't spent that long with her in a really long time. It was fun for Jake and Ty to get to play. They had a rough start, but by the end they were best buddies. We went to parks, children's museums, and just hung out. It was so fun being together!! I am so thankful she drove down to see us!!
David got home and then about 2 days after that we headed to Ohio to see his family. His cousin, Jason was home from Iraq so we were excited to get to see him. We had a great relaxing trip. The weather was gorgeous and I spent most of my days on the front porch with Tucker. Brenda's garden was in full bloom, so we enjoyed fresh veggies and I enjoyed watching her make all kinds of yummy things to can. :) We went to the zoo, visited with friends and family, and really just had a great time! I was sad to leave because I knew that was my last full week of maternity leave and was going back to work the next week. :(
The boys did great on the trip and really adjusted to everything we did! They are pretty sweet, if I must say so myself! :)
So I kept pushing back my start date, I was originally going back Monday, 8/23, but then pushed it to Wednesday and finally actually went back on Thursday, 8/26.
It really wasn't that bad and once I talked to Darla and she said the boys did great I felt 100 times better. Don't get me wrong, I wish I could stay at home with them, but I can't, so I felt good about the situation. They are in a safe place where they are loved, so I know that all is well. :) Work was fine and wasn't too hard to get back into. They had a temporary come in while i was out, so that helped my work load, so when I got back it wasn't a disaster. My boss is great and so understanding. I'm so thankful to God that He put me in such a great place. My boss also told me on Thursday if I wanted to start working Mon-Thurs 7-5:30, I could and then have Friday's off. That was a huge blessing and I'm so thankful for that!!
So all in all, Maternity leave was absolutely awesome. I have 2 incredibly precious boys and a wonderful hubby that loves me. We are doing well and adjusting to day to day routines. God is good and so are we! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tucker's Birth

So, after I cleaned the entire downstairs I was pooped. The Chunn's were getting into town and wanted us to meet them for dinner but it was 10:00 and I was just too tired. Lindsey (Austin's girlfriend) was coming to stay with us, since the whole family was kind of staying in different houses (with their old friends). So they dropped her off around 11:30 and we ended up staying up till about midnight watching Whale Wars. The Chunn's and mainly Lindsey was convinced that I was going to have Tucker the next day, Saturday.

I was kind of thinking I was having a few contractions when I went to bed, but nothing that hurt or anything like that. So I just figured that I was tired from cleaning.... I woke up around 2:30 feeling the contractions stronger and closer together, but still nothing that hurt. I went and got on the couch because I didn't want to wake David. He needs his sleep and if this really was the real thing I wanted him to sleep as long as possible. So around 3:00 I called my mom and told her I thought I was having contractions, but couldn't really tell, because they didn't hurt. Mom said to time them and then to call her back. I timed them for about 30 minutes and they were about 2-3 minutes apart for about 45 seconds. She said call the Dr. So I did and they said to come on in. Called mom back and she booked a flight and was in the air by 8:00. So after waiting a little while longer, I went and woke up David to tell him, this might be it. It was about 5am. He piddled around and kept laughing saying, there is no way you are in labor, are you kidding me?? He took a shower and I packed my bag. I went up and told Lindsey that we were headed to the hospital and she was in complete shock, so was so excited. I was so thankful she was there because I couldn't get a hold of Sarah, so I'm thankful I didn't have to wake Ty up and take him somewhere.

So we got to the hospital and checked in around 6:00. They checked me and I was at 1 cm. They wanted me to walk around for an hour and then come back at 7. No progress I would go home and if I did make progress, they would keep me. Well, they hour went by and every 2 minutes I was hunched over on a railing, hurting really bad. I can't say it was as bad as I had it with Tyler, but it was still really bad. David found a picture of a doctor on the wall and his name was Peter Pan. Honestly. David kept laughing and sending his pic to everyone he knew. For me it was not so funny at the time, but whatever, it kept him entertained. :) So finally, 7:00 came and they checked me and I was at 4 cm!! Thank goodness. They checked me in, got my iv started and took me to my room. My precious nurse, Kellie, took awesome care of me and even ordered my epi before a girls that was already there.. I was so grateful!! About 10 minutes later he was in there and getting me ready. David actually held me this time, which was strange because before they wouldn't even let him in the room. But he did great and at one point, the nurse did make him sit on the floor because he felt weak, but he didn't pass out.. :)

So once the epidural was in I was good to go. I was so tired cause I only had about 2 1/2 hours of sleep, but I could sleep. Bill and Joyce got there first and then the visitors trickled in. I loved having everyone there. Just hated our family couldn't be there.
So pretty much for the rest of the morning, I just laid there and enjoyed my coke. :) Candace got there and Vicki and Lindsay came by before the wedding, just to check in.
The dr/nurse was trying to wait for my mom to get in town before they broke my water because they figured I would progress pretty quickly once they did that (1-2 hours), so finally around 1:30 they broke my water because mom was suppose to land in Greensboro at 2:00 and that should have been perfect timing. I was at 8 cm when they broke my water. They checked me about 10 minutes later and I was at 10cm ready to push. So they got everything ready and I pushed through one contraction and he was out at 2:07 pm. It was simple and he was perfect. 7lbs 4 oz, 20.9", head completely full of long dark hair, brownish gray eyes
Mom had landed and Shanna was there to pick her up, but they lost her luggage so she was dealing with them trying to find it.
Tucker was absolutely adorable and at first glance looked just like Tyler to me. They took him over to clean him up and were noticing that he was grunting and not really crying. So they wanted to take him to the NICU for 4 hours to be observed. So they let me hold him for just a minute. He was so sweet and did look a little like Tyler but not his nose. And that made him look totally different and also his eyes looked pretty brown unlike ty's. So they took him and we waited there until I got into my room. Mom stopped by and got me something to eat and then David took groups down to the NICU to see him. We finally got into our room around 7:00 and they said they should bring him back to my room by 7:00, but he never came. So we went down to see him and I got to hold him a 2nd time. He looked huge in there compared to all the other tiny babies. When we got back to our room, Sarah had brought Ty up there to see us. He brought me flowers and was so excited to see his baby brother. David took him back to see him. But in the meantime, Barbara, Bekah, Sarah, Jennie, Vicki and Kelly were all in my room having the best time. It was fun to laugh with them and appreciated them all coming to see us. Finally around 9:00 they brought him to me so I could try to feed him. He latched right on and did great eating.

David went back home with Tyler and mom stayed with me. Tucker did really well. Of course you don't get any sleep because the nurses are constantly coming in and out checking everything! So that's pretty annoying, but it was fine. Morning came and I got to take a shower and then me and mom pretty much just hung out all day, having a few visitors here and there.

Finally, Monday morning we got to go home. Mom went home to watch Ty and David came back up to get me. Tyler was so excited when we pulled up, it was absolutely priceless. He was so happy to have his baby brother home!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Beach Trips and Brittany's Wedding

Sunday, May 23, we had a great Sunday at church for our graduating seniors. After church we had a luncheon for them and David did a slideshow for each of the 6 kids. They turned out great, as usual. The families loved them and it was so neat to see these kids grow up. I really made me think how fast they truely do grow up!! After the luncheon, we piled in the van and headed towards Florida. We were actually only going to Opelika/Auburn, to stay the night with Daniel, Katie, and Maddox, so we could break up the trip. It was successful! :) Tyler did great and it was so fun to stay with Katie and catch up, if only for a night. Maddox is absolutely adorable and I'm so glad we got to meet him!! So, Monday morning we got up and headed to Destin, FL for our mini-vacation. The hotel was very nice. We got to our room and discovered there was no air. Ty and I were hot and slightly irritable, so we headed to the pool and left David to sort out all the details. He joined us about an hour later and said we had be upgraded slightly and it had air, so we were happy! Then Ty and I left the pool so that he could take a nap and David stayed a while longer relaxing at the pool. When we got back up to our room he noticed that it was burning up. I guess I didn't realize it since we had been in there for a while. So once again they moved us. We packed all our stuff and headed to yet another room, slightly upgraded again. :) This room did have air, so we were thrilled. David went to a seafood restaurant and got take out. It was so yummy!! Then Tuesday we got up and had to go to one of those timeshare deals. It was pure torture. We KNEW we were NOT going to buy anything, but yet we had to go through 4 different people with their own speaches, and then a tour. Ty was tired and we were hungry. At one point Ty was running around the room (that had about 10 other couples in there), the lady asked me if I wanted a coloring book for ty (of course to settle him down), I politely declined because I wanted them to kick us out of there! :) Sadly it didn't work. :( But we did manage to get out of there without spending a dime. We went and got lunch at Whataburger and then headed to the hotel for naps. Afterwards, we headed to the pool and to the beach. Ty wasn't too sure about the beach at first, but there was a wade pool thing where high tide had left water, so Ty had a blast playing in that. Me (the beached whale) just sat and enjoyed our family vacation together. That night we went to a fun beachside restaurant. It was good and then afterwards we stopped and got some yummy icecream. Wednesday morning we got up, packed up and headed to Milton. It is only about an hour away, so that was super nice. We met everyone at GG's house, were wedding mode was in full gear. We had such a great time being able to be around and "help" out with all the festivities. Thursday we worked at the church and got it pretty much completely decorated. Brittany had great ideas that really came together. It was beautiful and so cute at the same time. That night, Mandy and I threw Britt's lingere shower at Jenny West's house. We had about 35 people come. So it was a great success and she got lots of awesome things. The food was yummy, the games were fun, and the fellowship was even better. So it was great all around. Then, Friday we headed over to Zea's house for the bridesmaid luncheon. Her house is absolutely gorgeous and we had a great time there. We sat on the back porch and enjoyed a delicious lunch. Of course being 9 months pregnant, I was a little hot, but I just went back to the screened-in porch and sat under the fan... Perfect! Brittany got us all cute beachtowels, bubbles, and earrings. For me, my sister, mom, and grandmother, she got us these beautiful purple bracelets to wear in honor of my papa. They were actually pancretic cancer bracelets but went perfect with our dresses. It was such a sweet thing to do, and I LOVE that bracelet for so many reasons! After the luncheon, we went back to the church to finish the last minute touches and then headed home to rest for a while. Thanks so much to David for being in charge while I was out and about. Friday night was the rehearsal and dinner. It all went smoothly! Dinner was at Red Barn. Yummy bar-be-que and all the fixins. David did a slideshow for them and it turned out perfectly, so they played that so we all could see it. Then everyone got up and told stories, it was very funny!! I ended up on the front porch with Ty and Madi because they were over sitting there. :)
Then we headed back to the house to visit with family and just be together. That is when Ty got a huge bump on his head, because Mandy challenged David to spin Ty around and then let him walk, of course, right after he got done spinning him and let him go he face planted on a toy. It was quite dramatic and I was so mad at him... But Ty was fine after he screamed for about 5 minutes.. :)
Saturday was the big day. We headed up to the church pretty early to get things ready and to put Ty down for a nap so he wouldn't be a beast at the 2:00 wedding.
Brittany looked absolutely beautiful and was so happy!! Misty came to do her hair and it looked so good too!! She was just a stunning bride. All the bridesmaids looked great and the kids were adorable. Pictures went well and the wedding even better. It was perfect. Ty did so good walking down the aisle and then standing right beside me. I was so proud of him.
The reception was beautiful and the food was awesome. I honestly can't say one thing bad about it. It was a perfect day!
Afterwards we cleaned up and were home by 8:00. Not to shabby! :)
I absolutely LOVED being home and it made me miss it even more. But I knew I would see my family soon because Tucker was due in about 2 1/2 weeks. :)
Sunday morning we got up and drove to Charleston, SC. Actually SeaBrooke Island. Our friends own a beach house there and we visiting from Texas, so we knew we had to go see them. Our plan was so stay there Sunday night and then leave Monday morning. But when we got there, it was so relaxing and perfect we just couldn't leave. We kept pushing our departure time further and further. We enjoyed walking on the beach, eating, swimming in the pool, and just catching up with our friends. It was so nice. We ended up leaving Tuesday night (6/1) and getting home around midnight. We would have stayed all week if I didn't have to go back to work. But I had just been gone all last week, so I knew we had to go back. We knew they were coming to Winston on Friday because they were planning on going to Brittany Mill's wedding on Saturday.
Well, I was so far behind on getting things ready for Tucker. Thursday night I came home from work and got all of Tucker's clothes washed and hung up. I put all his "items" together and basically had the whole upstairs cleaned and ready. I also packed his bag for the hospital cause I hadn't done that yet. Friday, I went to work and then came home and cleaned the entire downstairs. Looking back now I was definitely nesting, but at the time, I just thought I had a lot of energy and wanted to get it cleaned!....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Prayer Request...

This request is for the mom of one of my very best friends, Candace. She has been going through a lot lately, but Saturday she was rushed to the ER and was basically unconscious. After a long day Saturday and unknown answers, they determined that her bp spiked to 200/140 which caused her brain to swell and cause a few other issues. She has scleroderma which is a rare disease that she is also dealing with. All this together has put her in the ICU. She is improving so much better than the doctors even thought she would at this point. She is a fighter and a very tough woman, but definitely needs all of our prayers. So please say a prayer for her, Sandra, and the whole Lawson family. They have become very close "family" to David, Tyler, and I. So please just take a second and say a little prayer for this precious family!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dinner with Friends...

Tuesday night we met some of our great friends at Kimono's for dinner. Sarah and Byron are in town this week from Texas and we were so excited to get to see them. We had a great dinner and finished the evening almost getting kicked out, but it was a super fun night and I'm so thankful for awesome friends like these!! Love you guys!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend...

And so my life goes.... Thursday after Tyler's shots he started running 103.5 temperature. I picked him up from Darla's and he was just pitiful. After some Motrin and lovin on he perked up and seemed to be fine. Slept good that night. Friday, David decided to keep him just in case and then I came home at lunch and kept him the rest of the day. He did pretty good, but started this awful cough. Friday we decided to get take-out and stay in for the night. Saturday we woke up and Ty seemed pretty good, but still his cough was getting worse. We went for a walk (probably not the best thing looking back on it) but it was gorgeous and I really wanted to get some exercise. After Ty got up from his nap they gave me my mother's day presents. So very sweet. The card was from "Ty" and was super cute, the flowers were beautiful, and as you can tell from one of the pictures Ty was very excited to see that he bought me Dum Dum pops. (He loves those!)

Afterwards we got ready and went to Candace and Bryan's house for a cook-out for Brandon's graduation. It was so fun and really relaxing. The only bad part was that Ty was literally coughing his head off the entire time. I felt so bad for him but knew it was most likely allergies since he had no other symptoms. So, we left at a decent time and got him in bed.

Sunday, up for church. I taught class and did KFC, so I was pretty exhausted by the end of it. Ty was cranky and still coughing so we opted to head home. I pretty much had a breakdown on the way home because of his coughing and him always being sick, so I called the Dr and they said to bring him in at 1:55. Got there around 1:20 cause he was asleep in the car and didn't want to wake him. Every single person that got there way after us was called back. I was totally annoyed and frustrated. Finally we were the LAST to be called back. They did an oxygen level test, tested his blood and finally decided to give him a dose of steroids and send us home with 3 more doses. Never really said what was going on, but thought that the steroids would calm the cough.

I really understood what Mother's Day was all about. Me holding my baby ALL DAY LONG because he wouldn't go to anyone else. I sent David out to the farm because they were having a cook-out and there was no need for all of us to miss it. So he went out and enjoyed some fishing and fellowship while we staying home and enjoyed watching Cat in the Hat and Alvin switching about every 10 minutes. Annoying, but it made him happy. So whatever.
I wouldn't say it will go down as being the best Mother's Day ever, but that's life and at least I got to be home with my little boy even if he was sick.
Didn't get any pictures of us either but that was probably best because I'm sure I had snot all over my shirt! :)

Monday morning David left for Myrtle Beach where he was meeting with a youth ministry group he gets together with. So, I stayed home with Ty to give him one more day of recovery. It was nice because we slept in and then played most of the day. While he took his nap I got some good cleaning in. It was a productive day, so that was nice. David is on his way home right now, so we'll be glad to have him back! :)

Hate we weren't able to be with our mom's on Mother's Day but hope they know how much we love and appreciate them! They are 2 wonderful people who have had a HUGE impact on who we are today and we both thank them from the bottom of our hearts! I only hope I can be 1/2 a great mom as they were/are!! Love you mom and thank you for being you and teaching me how to be the best mom I can be!!
And to my grandmothers, you truly are amazing and we are so incredibly grateful for your love and the example you give to us. You are christian women who have held our families together! We love you!!
And to my sister, what an awesome mom you are. The sacrifices you make for your kids and others is unfathomable. Thank you for being that supermom that I can always look up to!!

And to all my friends that are moms... Thanks for sharing stories and heartaches that help us get through day to day struggles. You truly are great and I'm thankful to have you in my life!!

And to my precious son that makes me a mommy, thank you for being the most precious thing in this world. I mean, you take right after your daddy so how could you not be? You are so fun to watch and be with. You constantly put a smile on my face with your little eye glares and the funny things you do and say. I am so thankful that God let me be your mommy and I hope I can be everything He wants me to be for you!! I love you little man!!

And to all my friends who have lost a mom, child, or are struggling to get pregnant, know that I am praying for you on Mother's Day and always!!

Okay, sorry for the sappiness, I just needed to throw that out there! :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunshine and almost summertime...

This past weekend was a fun-filled weekend for us. We had tickets to the Martina McBride concert in Greensboro Friday night, but I decided I really didn't want to go... Not really sure why, I was just not feeling it, so I gave the tickets to Sarah. She said it was an awesome concert and I'm glad she got to go and enjoy it. So, anyway, it was beautiful Friday, so we decided we wanted to go to a baseball game so we could be outside and enjoy the weather. The Winston-Salem Dash wasn't playing so we met Bryan and Candace at the Greensboro Grasshoppers Game. We had the best time. We had great seats and Tyler loved it! Afterwards they turned off all the lights and had a huge fireworks show. It quite possibly could have been the longest fireworks I have ever seen. Ty just starred at them. So needless to say we didn't leave there till around 10:30, but we loved it. Of course, David being the kid he is, filled us with pizza, steak and cheese sub, cotton candy, drinks, and ice cream (with a little help from Candace). David even bought him a sponge finger thing, so it definitely wasn't a cheap date, but it was worth it. Fun times with family and friends!

Saturday we (Ty and I) didn't get up till 10:00. David left a little earlier because he was playing golf that day at the Church's golf tournament. So Ty and I decided to meet Melissa, Francesca, and Dominic for some strawberry picking. We got to their house a little before lunch and headed to the farm in Kernersville. It was pretty hot and muggy that day, but we had fun. Dominic ended up sleeping the entire time we were there, but Ty and Francesca had fun finding all the strawberries. Honestly, after about 15 minutes of it, Ty was saying, "Bye Bye Stra-bur-ees" He was hot and ready to go. So we stayed for about an hour and then decided to head to the park for lunch. The kids played and had a blast. We got home around 3:00 and Ty crashed. I had to wake him up about 6:00. Then we met Candace, Bryan, and Sarah at Mellow Mushroom for dinner. It was fun and the weather was once again beautiful. After dinner we went to Kernel Kustards for some ice cream. Then around 10:30 headed back home.

Sunday we were up for church and then we went Kimono for lunch with the youth committee. It was fun and good to catch up with some of my girl friends. Then we headed back home for naps. We got up around 4:00 and headed to Ty's favorite park, Hathaway, where we were having the Teen Devo that night. Cody and Karen cooked hot dogs and we had a little picnic and played. It really was a great day.

Monday back to work. Candace's mom got pretty sick and they ended up having to put her in the hospital, so we went to visit them a little bit on Monday. Thank goodness all is well and she saw great doctors. She got to go home on Tuesday, and is feeling much better but still needs prayers that they find the reason she got so sick and are able to make it better! We love their family and hated to see them go through this. So continue to pray for this sweet sweet family!

Tuesday, I had a training all day in Raleigh. So it ended up being a 12 1/2 hour day. Not fun.. It wasn't too bad, but it was just long. That night we enjoyed sitting outside for dinner and then having Popsicles on the front porch. Tyler is loving Popsicles right now and he's so stinkin cute eating them. The videos (at the bottom) were precious. He did answer some of my questions, but he does tend to get a little distracted and "forget" what I asked him. So, that's the best I've got right now. :)

We are all doing good and getting ready to head to Florida in a couple weeks for my sister's wedding. Got my bridesmaid dress yesterday, needless to say, I'm meeting with the seamstress today to see if she can work a miracle... Ordering a dress in January and now being 8 1/2 months pregnant doesn't always work out... It's not too bad, But we'll see. The dress is pretty regardless, I just hope I get to wear it! :)

Here are my 34 week belly pictures sorry (Brittany) for not being better at this... It's just so much harder remembering to take a picture of your belly the 2nd time around, but it's just as important, so I will try to do better these last few weeks! :)

Tyler went for his 18month check up today. Yes, I realize that he is almost 20 months, but when I called to make his appointment around 18 months they didn't have an opening until now... So here we are. :) He did pretty good. Was a little whiny because of all the traumatic stuff they had to do in the ER he is a little scared of doctors. We saw Dr. Pinder. He weighed 24.7 lbs (23%), height 33 3/4" (75%), and his head circumference was in the 91%. She said he looked great and was doing very well with all his "tricks". He had to get 3 shots and did really well. He was crying as soon as David laid him on the table, but didn't cry much when they gave him the shots, so I call that good! :) Got a ball from the ball machine and headed out! Success if you ask me. :)

I just thought this was too cute. One night Ty wanted Daddy to take a bath with him, so he put on his swim trunks and got in. I think David was a little cramped, but Ty loved it! What a fun daddy he has! :)

And one more exciting thing... David's sister, Bekah and her husband Brad are expecting their first baby in October, they found out yesterday that they are having a GIRL!!! We are so so excited for them!! Lately it's been all about the boys, so we are so looking forward to buying some girly things!! She'll be the first granddaughter for them all! Such a fun time and I"m so glad that we get to be a part of it!

Okay, sorry this was such a long post, but I needed to catch up. Hope you have a great rest of the week enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts.

I have another video but it won't post for some reason, I'll work on it! :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter in Ohio...

So this past Thursday, David, Ty, Sarah, and I took off for Ohio after work. We drove to West Virginia to stay with Will, Bonnie, and the kids for the night. It's half way to Ohio, so it's a perfect stopping place and we always enjoy our short visit while we are there. Friday morning got up, ate some breakfast and then hit the road to grandmas. We ended up getting there around 1:00 right before a huge storm hit, we were actually running in the house as the rain started pouring down. :) We had a great lunch. Melanie, Jenna, and Jacob had also just arrived so we enjoyed visiting with everyone. A little later we headed back to Kenton. David's mom had planned a cook-out. Bless her heart she was so not feeling well, but put on a happy face for us all. Brad, Bekah, Zach, Carmen, and Kevin came up to also eat with us. We sat around and visited with each other. It was a fun night. We also stuffed eggs for the Easter egg hunt the next day. Needless to say, Ty ate WAY too much of the candy that night because we could not get him to go to bed till midnight, he was sweet, but just wasn't tired. Saturday we got up, had a yummy breakfast and then headed down to grandma's for lunch and the egg hunt. The lunch was so good as always, we had ham, green beans, hash brown casserole, homemade bread, and salad. It was oh so good. After lunch, Ty went down for a nap and we (the big kids) hid all the eggs outside. I'm telling you there were LOTS of eggs, I'm not sure exactly how many but at least a few hundred. Then we let the kids have at it. They ran and ran and still after they all had filled their buckets a few times came in to check out their loot. Brian and David went back out and found at least 20 more. Ty slept through the whole thing so when we got up we had a little Easter egg hunt for him in the living room and he was so excited to find candy in them! Of course, he didn't need any more candy, but we left him have it anyway. Then, David and I headed to Zach and Carmen's for some pizza and to visit with them one last time, and Mike (paw paw), Brenda (Grama), and Sarah (ra ra) took Ty back to the house. We had a good visit and then headed back to the house to find them having a pizza party and watching The Squeakquel. They said they had a blast and I'm so glad that Ty was good for them. He's been a little attached to me lately. I'm not sure why and as much as I love that he loves me, I really hope it's just a phase that he's this attached. :)
Then Sunday we got up for church and then headed to grandma's for some left overs. It was just as good the second time around. After lunch we hit the road. Let me tell you Tyler was an angel the whole time. He only slept about one hour the entire trip, but he was awesome. We played, watched movies, hid under blankets, and looked for cows. :) It was a great trip. Never long enough, but we enjoyed every minute of it and are so thankful for all our family and friends and getting to spend time with them. Tyler, by the way, loves Mike and has started calling him paw paw. It's the most precious thing to hear him say it.. I'll try to get it on video so you all can hear it. :)
We had a great weekend and ended up stretching Easter way longer than expected, but it was all fun and great memories were made, now if all the candy would just disappear, that would be nice!
Hope you all have a great week!